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Mask Design

Larger Airflow diameter, easy to clean custom T-valve design.

Smaller Airflow diameter, closed valve difficult to clean.

Outflow Pressure

NEVER pressure. Natural open air outflow. 

Ill-advised Outflow Pressure "feature." 

Adjustable Altitude

Fine tuned for results, optimized for user safety.

Hazardous extremes.

Upgrade to Altitude

90-Day exchange, Adaptive Contrast streamlined quick-switch.

Add-ons available, imitation feature, cumbersome 3rd party lever hardware. 


Best Value Guarantee. Industry leading design and innovation.

Packages, hardware and materials not comparable.

A few questions to ask LiveO2 imitators...

A few things imitators may say about LiveO2 to mislead you...

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About Masks

 Our masks are superior quality and provide the highest airflow options. Imitators often misrepresent LiveO2 mask systems to confuse shoppers.

premium liveo2 ewot mask
women with mask

LiveO2 Masks in a Nutshell...

Standard Mask Kit...

Premium Mask Kit...

About Cleaning Masks...

Outflow / Positive Pressure

Imitations assert that positive pressure is intended to make breathing easier. This misrepresents the science of breathing - see below.

Positive pressure is a performance reducing gimmick to compensate for high airflow resistance from lengthy hoses and repurposed valves. 

Confirm that imitations will mount safely and securely on your exercise equipment before purchase.

Vacuum and pressure while breathing.

Chest cavity expands to create a vacuum during inhale, and compresses to create pressure for exhale.

LiveO2 adopted a neutral airflow pressure design because airflow resistance is part of effective breathing...

Positive pressure reduces breathing efficiency...

Adjustable Outflow Purity

Our imitators represent their products as capable simulating an altitude of 25,000 feet, or 8.1% oxygen levels.  

They apparently don't know that most humans will pass out when exercising with air with less than about 10% oxygen.

Breathing oxygen deficient air can be harmful

Do you really want an imitation?

Why LiveO2?

  • Safe Minimum Oxygen Level - LiveO2 low oxygen mixture is proven safe for over 60 years in the aviation and with thousands of LiveO2 users over the last decade.
  • Variable Low Oxygen Air - Users can ramp their hypoxic level from 21% (room air) down to 14% (minimum safe oxygen level) as they gain confidence.
  • Easy Switching - LiveO2 snaps between air mixtures in a fraction of a second with no air-flow shut off.
  • Easy Mounting - LiveO2 easily attaches to any exercise equipment or you can hold the control. Compatible with assault bikes and rebounders. 

Oxygen Only vs
Adaptive Contrast

LiveO2 invented Oxygen-only Reservoir...

LiveO2 Standard is the standard oxygen training reservoir. It is competitively priced  and sold as a reservoir only system.

We urge customers to explore Adaptive Contrast because it is very superior to oxygen-only training.  We know the biggest investment our users make is the time they spend exercising.

This is why we strongly promote Adaptive Contrast over LiveO2 Standard.

Standard System

LiveO2 original oxygen reservoir system.

EWOT is outdated. Don't buy an oxygen-only or EWOT system before you understand why Adaptive Contrast is better...

Imitators hide the LiveO2 secret. Oxygen-only systems perform less because oxygen is a vasoconstrictor...

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Why is Adaptive Contrast Better?

Adaptive Contrast uses low-oxygen air to prime your body for oxygen. This effect prevents the oxygen-vasoconstrictor effect from restricting blood flow to tissue. 

Adaptive Contrast outperforms oxygen-only systems several-fold. Don't take our word for it. Dr. Lou Trovato is a long-time LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast user who decided to install LiveO2 Standard in his office. Here is his story...

Adaptive Contrast outperforms oxygen-only systems because...

  • Every customer who trains for performance needs Adaptive Contrast
  • Every customer who is physically challenged needs Adaptive Contrast

Adaptive Contrast in a Nutshell...



Reservoir Construction

LiveO2 delivers a pure and clean experience...

Fill Time is determined by the air separator. The 900 liter reservoir fills completely in about 90 minutes from a 10 LPM generator.

The white reservoir assures cleanness inside and out. A zippered port enables cleaning, inspection and prevents over-inflation.

LiveO2 reservoirs hold oxygen for hours with an ultra-thin membrane. 

No other brand in the world has gone to the lengths we have to ensure you are getting the safest, most effective and highest quality products and materials in the world.

Don’t be fooled when imitators use terms like FDA approved and medical grade...

About Upgradeable Reservoirs

LiveO2 does not offer upgradeable reservoirs because we are committed to a safe, diverse and uncluttered workout experience.

LiveO2 Standard customers who decide to upgrade to Adaptive Contrast in the first 90 days can exchange their reservoir for full purchase credit.

Our policy protects LiveO2 customers dangling excess hoses and clunky valves - and assures they discover the upside of Adaptive Contrast before it's too late.

LiveO2 with Adaptive Contrast uses a single hose design. No clutter ever. Maximum freedom with workout equipment

Compare the LiveO2 switch to an imitation valve.

13 seconds with  LiveO2 switch. US Patent 2019010126096 A1 prohibits imitators from duplication for 17 years.

1:56 min. Assembly and attachment difficulty.

Things to consider before you purchase an imitation...

Don't be misled by upgradeable reservoirs that are cumbersome and incompatible with most workout equipment...

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Professional Training and Support

This is feedback from our Level-1 user training sessions.