About Sharing Masks

We recommend against “sharing” masks.

Most people sweat and exhale saliva in their breath when they work out. This creates a film which must be removed by rinsing or washing with soap and water.

Putting a mask with sweat and saliva into any sterilization equipment will dry the sweat and saliva and it will come out with dried sweat and saliva. It may be sterile, but it will still be dirty.

This is one reason we have maintained the Standard Mask as a personal issue item. It just makes sense to have an affordable mask issued to each user in a multi-user environment. It’s just simpler when everyone has their own mask. This way they can wash it when necessary and not share it, or their germs. The solution is simple and sanitary.

This is why we distribute our mask assemblies in a mesh bag, with a syringe and headgear. It makes it easy to store all parts together. When it is soiled, just wash it and put it away.

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