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The Nature of Fatigue

Low oxygen causes fatigue. Failure of your body to deliver oxygen to cells for any reason prevents your cells from making the energy they need. Cells that stay in a low oxygen status for a long time may develop other conditions which may be identified as various diseases.

For scientific relationships between low oxygen and various diseases:

Chronic fatigue is often low energy from not enough oxygen.

Not enough oxygen is called hypoxia and it is easy to fix – if you have the ability to fix not enough oxygen.

Oxygen deficiency is not a disease, it is a natural condition that occurs as a result of many factors that can cause tissue to lack enough oxygen. Restoring the oxygen fixes the problem because not enough oxygen is the problem.

The fix

Oxygen works even if you’ve had fatigue or a long time.

You have to trick your body into super-oxygenating itself. This only happens when you breathe a lot of oxygen and exercise at the same time.

This is natural process but it doesn’t happen normally. This is why fatigue and pain syndromes usually last forever.

How long does it take?

Most users feel better in 15 minutes. They hurt less, have more energy and less brain fog.

It works because oxygen clears the vascular system to restore blood flow to your cells.

You will need to repeat the process regularly to keep your vascular system clear.

LiveO2 is an upgrade to your workout system that super-oxygenates your body during at-home workouts. It makes exercise more effective. LiveO2 will help you be more healthy for the rest of your life.

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For detail on how to perform the FatigueO2 protocol please contact LiveO2 support.


Chronic fatigue (tiredness) and fibromyalgia (pain) are different symptoms of the same problem. Chronic fatigue is the tired feeling when cells cannot make energy because they don’t have enough oxygen. Fibromyalgia is the soreness that occurs when cells make energy without enough oxygen. That is why chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia usually go together.

Solid medical research shows that muscles with fibromyalgia don’t have enough oxygen. This is due to vascular system injury:

Together these references tell us:

Shutting off blood flow for 90 minutes creates vascular system injury identical to fibromyalgia. Endothelial swelling chokes off blood flow and locks tissues in a hypoxic low energy state.​
Fixing Vascular Inflammation

Simple hypoxia, not enough oxygen causes most chronic inflammatory and degenerative conditions. When you restore oxygen they go away. It’s simple and it’s fast.

A partial of oxygen 4x normal at the venous end of the capillary cures endothelial inflammation and restores blood flow.

Hundreds of users have overcome health issues including fatigue. Here are a few articles from happy LiveO2 customers who tell their stories.

LiveO2 does is not intended to treat any fatigue condition. It is intended to restore optimal oxygen levels which support energy production. More on LiveO2 Intended Use.

Ben Menefee explains how LiveO2 helped him restore his energy which enabled him to move his head injury recovery forward.

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What is Fatigue?

Fatigue is the body’s inability to make energy. It occurs when the body fails deliver oxygen to cells because the oxygen transport process that moves oxygen from the lungs to the cells has been damaged.

Fatigue is a persistent tired feeling that rest does not help. It usually occurs when your cells don’t get enough oxygen to make the energy they need.

Why do fatigue and exhaustion feel the same?

Fatigue is a persistent tired feeling that rest does not help. It occurs when your cells do not have what they need to make energy. Normal exhaustion recovers naturally with rest – fatigue does not.

Fatigue and exhaustion are physiologically different. They require almost opposite process to recover even though they feel almost the same. Exhaustion requires rest – fatigue requires exertion with extra oxygen.

Why doesn’t just breathing oxygen fix it?

The problem is more complicated than just breathing oxygen. Breathing oxygen brings it into the lungs but does not move it from the lungs to your cells that live at the far end of the vascular system.

Think of the vascular system is a massive network, over 20,000 miles of tubes, that carry blood. When oxygen fails to make the long journey from the lungs to your cells your cells cannot make the energy they need. Anything that interferes with that journey will cause fatigue and probably pain.

The recipe is to combine exertion with oxygen to get the oxygen into your body and then move it where it needs to go to fix the problem.

Why doesn’t exercise fix it?

There just isn’t enough oxygen in the air for most people to reach the oxygen and blood flow levels necessary achieve the effects with normal exercise.

This is one of the reasons High Intensity Interval Training works so well – but only for naturally strong people with very healthy vascular systems who exercise above their maximum heart rate.

Our bodies periodically need at least 4x more oxygen than is in the air we breathe, (Ardenne), to reverse vascular inflammation.

Why did it happen to me?

When we lose the ability to naturally achieve these oxygen levels, our bodies begin to degenerate because small parts of our body don’t get enough oxygen. This is usually called over the hill.

Eventually when a large enough percentage of our bodies don’t get enough oxygen, we lose the ability to make energy and we experience fatigue. The process continues until either we solve the oxygen problem, or die.

It is worse in industrialized and urban areas because the air has less oxygen from carbon fuels. Every CO2 atom binds 2 atoms of oxygen so there is less oxygen in the air we breathe. Pollution makes it worse.

Age and exercise deficient lifestyles quickly compromise our ability to naturally achieve the internal oxygen levels. This loss enables stress to erode our health as we age.

Medical Disclaimer

The research articles we referenced in this document explain the absence of oxygen in tissue as the cause of fatigue and pain syndromes like fibromyalgia.

Oxygen deficiency is hypoxia. It is a deficiency in an essential nutrient essential for health in all tissues.
Oxygen is not a drug. A healthy person gets enough from the air.

Stress and age injure our oxygen delivery system. Any tissue that doesn’t get enough oxygen will get sick.

Hypoxia causes most age-related degeneration and disease. The longer our tissues go without enough oxygen, the faster we age, and the sicker we get.

Exercise increases the amount of oxygen your body moves from the air you breathe to your tissues. Exercise is a natural healthy process.

LiveO2 helps your body naturally move the oxygen you breathe to your tissues like nature intended. LiveO2 is not intended to treat cure, prevent or mitigate any disease.

LiveO2 is intended to help your body move the oxygen from your lungs to your tissues during exercise to support normal structure and function.

LiveO2 is only intended to be used during exertion.

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