Standard Mask Kit

Our original or standard mask has been in widespread use for several years. The standard mask system supports:

Most users keep it in their personal locker or gym bag. Personal assignment means that there is no need to sterilize it between uses because it is not shared between users.

Inner Body

This inner body has two one-way silicone sepsis valves to direct one-way airflow on inhalation and exhalation. Comes in regular and small size.

Cleaning instructions:

  • Wash with soap and water
  • Can be washed in dishwasher with heat dry off
  • Sterilize
    • Hydrogen peroxide or
    • Appropriate chemical disinfectant.
    • Bleach is not recommended

LiveO2 standard mask inner body

Adjustment Syringe

This mask also includes a silicone pillow that can be inflated or deflated with the included syringe. This allows for an air tight seal around the contours of your nose, cheeks and mouth.

Inflation syringe to adjust seal pressure

Neoprene Headgear

This mask is paired with a comfortable neoprene strap. The Strap also has two velcro closures one for the base of the head and one for the crown of the head ensuring a secure fit.

Wash instructions:

  • Clasp Velcro Straps to prevent hook damage
  • Wash with soap and water by hand
  • Machine washable
    • Use gentle cycle
    • Connect straps to prevent velcro hook damage during wash cycle
  • Air Dry or lowest dryer heat setting

Do not expose to ozone.

Mask inner body with neoprene headgear.

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