LiveO2 Referral Program

Owning a LiveO2 system is the first step. Next, Introduce LiveO2 to someone you know!

Please submit one form per referral.

We love it when our customers and practitioners share their LiveO2 experience with others.

Our goal is simple: we want to help you, help others.


Becoming Part of the LiveO2 Referral Network is Easy.

Fill in your name so we can “tag” the referral. Add the referee’s name and number and or email. Click submit and Boom you are done.


When your referral buys, we send you money!

You then receive a check in about 45 days following the sale for 6.7% of the system purchase price. This timeframe is needed to cover our product return policy.


Leave the heavy lifting to the LiveO2 Team.

As a referral partner you job is easy. We take care of the rest: sales, support, training, warranty and any other needs the customer may have.

We’ve seen our productivity go up 300% just because everybody’s alert, everybody’s feeling well and producing a higher-quality product at a better rate simply because of their well-being."

Doug Allen

Doug Allen

CEO Vertical Turbine Systems, LiveO2 Corporate Wellness Customer

"I have not run or sprinted in a couple years, easy. [After training on LiveO2 AC™] I did not get a headache after running or sprinting. It was fabulous!"

Jill Mackay Ewot Testimonial

Jill Mackay

Concussion Rehab

Submit as many referrals as you like. 

If there is something special you would like for us to know about them please let us know in the notes field.

If you provide an email or phone number we will reach out to them personally.

We will need to collect the following info:

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