Why doesn't LiveO2 include a cleaning system?

Misrepresenting sterilization equipment as cleaning equipment is deception.

Shoppers need to know that cleaning masks will always be necessary.

The deception occurs when an honest vendor is compared to a dishonest one. An honest vendor educates the customer about the difference between cleaning and sterilization.

A deceptive vendor exploits the customer’s lack of awareness to trick them into believing a virtually-useless extra component will make an inferior product more complete.

Duping an unsuspecting buyer into believing they won’t need additional masks just isn’t fair to the customer.

LiveO2 has delivered hundreds of systems and thousands of masks. Our users almost always use a mask per user. This is why we have always kept mask prices reasonable with bulk discounts.

Cleaning and sterilization are minor issues for facilities that use LiveO2 for multiple users.

Users who prefer a Premium Mask can use it with their LiveO2 system, and they can sterilize it in an autoclave, or wash it in the dishwasher.

Inconsistent With Branding

Sterilization suggests the product is intended for use in medical in medical applications, where it is important to sterilize all equipment which comes into physical contact with a user.

Products that represent sterilization as a requirement suggest it is intended for medical use.

We also believe that it is important to allow our customers not to to buy what they need to keep our products as affordable as possible.

Why LiveO2 doesn’t include Sterilization Equipment

LiveO2 does not include sterilization equipment because sterilization is not a common need for LiveO2 customers.

  • Institutions usually don’t need sterilizers because they buy masks in bulk and dispense them as personal equipment to individuals.
  • Home users do not need to use sterilization because they must wash their masks.

Neither of these uses calls for sterilization. Both environments periodic cleaning which is not provided by sterilization equipment.

Sterilization does not solve a problem that LiveO2 users experience.

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