How does LiveO2 compare to Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is an oxidizing agent and has little or no effect on the body's ability to produce energy. LiveO2 optimizes energy production but does not cause oxidation like ozone. They have completely different effects.

How is LiveO2 different from Hydrogen Therapy?

Hydrogen therapy introduces H2 into the body which serves as a very mobile anti-oxidant The body normally makes hydrogen in the gut, but hydrogen deficiency can occur resulting in increased oxidative stress.

LiveO2 provides oxygen which drives energy metabolism. Oxygen is the master anti-oxidant so it is a much stronger and more plentiful anti-oxidant than hydrogen. Both are compatible and can be used at the same time.

Will LiveO2 help edema or any other medical condition?

LiveO2 is an oxygen trainer. It is helpful for any condition that is directly or indirectly a result of tissue oxygen deficiency. This is no different than using water to fix dehydration.

Conditions like edema have unknown causes which may, or may not include oxygen deficiency. If the cause of an edema (swelling) is an oxygen deficiency - oxygen will help. If the cause of an edema is not oxygen deficiency it will not.

LiveO2 is the fastest known method to deliver extra oxygen to tissues. Several different methods, including both , hyperbaric and exercise increase tissue oxygen levels.The easiest way to determine if a health issue is a result of oxygen deficiency is to try LiveO2. If LiveO2 improves a condition - oxygen deficiency is a factor in the condition.

 LiveO2 is is not intended to treat, mitigate, prevent or cure any medical condition. If you feel anything on this page constitutes a medical claim, please submit a report.