Mask Kits Compared

LiveO2 has engineered two types of mask, our original or standard mask and our Premium Mask for Ultimate Flow. Each system supports different situations and needs.

Mask Style Comparison
Standard Mask Premium Mask Note
Multi-user environments Yes Expensive Personal Item
Demo Environments Yes No Difficult to sterilize between users
Weak Breathers Beneficial Neutral Airflow resistance strengthens respiratory muscles
Users with injured lungs Beneficial Neutral Partial pressure swing in lungs improves CO2 and O2 transfer during inhalation and exhalation.
Large & Small Faces Okay Ideal 4 sizes
Aggressive Athletes Acceptable Ideal Airflow resistance creates a challenge

Specific features of each system.

Standard Mask Kit

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • 30 day warranty, 6+ months typical – single user
  • Supports multi-user environments
  • Aids respiration efficiency with compromised users as airflow resistance:
    • Assists gas transfer in the lungs
    • Creates mild exercise for the respiratory muscles

Standard Mask Kit

The Premium Mask Kit

  • Secure face mask seal
  • Minimal airflow resistance
  • Ultra high volume 100+ LPM
  • Comes in multiple sizes for small or large faces
  • 3+ year service life

Premium Mask Kit

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