Become a Certified LiveO2 Trainer

Join us for a one and a half day course at our LiveO2 training lab.

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Why Take This Training?

At LiveO2 we want to provide you with the tools and training to harness the power of this revolutionary technology. We are now offering new in-person training. The Level I consists of  one and a half days of training to be held at our LiveO2 training lab in Denver.

What are Others Saying?

Who is This Training For?

The training is designed for facilities that want to implement LiveO2 and wish to empower their staff members to safely and effectively administer LiveO2 protocols. 

Skills You Will Gain at This Training

  • How to perform safety assessments
  • Understanding the physiological mechanisms of LiveO2
  • General system setup
  •  LiveO2 sauna protocol
  •  Marketing your LiveO2 powered business overview 
  • Use of different types of exercise equipment
  • Detox management 
  • Pre-training assessment and goal setting checklist
  • Understand how to adjust protocols for individual participants
  • You will be performing and administering LiveO2 protocols on your classmates.

Class Size

We limit the training classes to 10 participants to ensure everyone gets the one-on-one attention they deserve. 

Certification Details

liveo2 level one cert

Certification is for life and will not require renewal. Upon completion, you will receive an etched granite placard to display.

Get on the LiveO2 Map

At the completion of the Level I training, you will be eligible to get on the LiveO2 Map. LiveO2 receives numerous requests each year from people who are looking to access a LiveO2 demo. In the coming months, we will be releasing the new LiveO2 Map tool to find certified providers of LiveO2 sessions.

Want to Learn More?

Are you a facility with more than three staff members to train? It might be more affordable to send one of our trainers to your facility for a private on-site training. Learn More Here.