About Adaptive Contrast

Oxygen only systems are inferior to LiveO2 with Adaptive Contrast.

  • Get twice the results faster
  • Get more results

Adaptive Contrast rapidly switches between oxygen rich and oxygen reduced air for more vigorous circulation.

In the body, circulation works the opposite of how most people think.

Oxygen surplus shuts circulation down while oxygen depletion activates circulation.

Alternating depletion provokes maximum circulation and then oxygen surplus supercharges the blood to take oxygen where it needs to go.

Oxygen only systems prevent depletion which limits circulation to normal flow patterns.

Contrast systems produce better and faster results because they maximize both oxygen and circulation at the same time.

cardio body blood vessels

The worse shape you’re in, the more important Adaptive Contrast becomes.

This is especially true for people with limited exercise capacity. Adaptive Contrast enables disabled, older and out of shape users to provoke more circulation for better results.

Ben Menefee is an example. He was half paralyzed in Afghanistan by a head injury. Adaptive Contrast enabled him to use the small amount of exercise he could do to move enough oxygen from his lungs to his brain so he overcame his fatigue and recover from paralysis.

Right side paralysis limits Ben’s ability to exercise. Adaptive Contrast enables him to get about twice the cardiovascular activation which enables him to oxygenate his body better.