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Use the search box below to access PubMed articles. We have started you out with “hyperbaric” which is the largest body of public research relating to oxygen use.

Given that today there are over 14,000 articles published, you will probably want/need to narrow your search. Use the search box like this. Hyperbaric is the most well researched oxygen therapy.

LiveO2 may be an alternative hyperbaric chamber therapy for any person able to exercise or tolerate a sauna. LiveO2 is based on exercise and training. LiveO2 intended use statement.

This search box enables you to query hyperbaric. Just add your research term after “hyperbaric”. This will retrieve the published research, or ask your doctor about hyperbaric therapy.

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Hyperbaric Medicine Research

Click for live PUBMED searches that support use of Medical Hyperbaric Treatment for ischemic and infectious conditions beyond the 15 indications covered by Medicare and Medicaid:

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