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Our Team

We at LiveO2® are dedicated to sharing with you how practitioners and clients across the globe are utilizing the natural science of oxygenation to improve their practice, their health, their lives.To learn how you can LiveO2 we have some of the best in the field sharing how they LiveO2!

Tom Butler LiveO2
Tom Butler

VP Business Development

Rob Parson Liveo2
Robert Parson

Director of Sales

Annette Young LiveO2
Annette Young

Director Customer Success Executive Trainer

Hector Perez LiveO2
Hector Perez

Executive Trainer

Steve Rodriguez

Executive Trainer

Jenna Headshot
Jenna Ochoa

Marketing Manager

David Chamblee

Executive Trainer

Dr. Angelique Hart
Dr. Angelique Hart MD

Medical Advisor

Michael Sconyers
Michael Sconyers

Product Engineer