The Science Behind LiveO2

The science behind LiveO2® is what sets us apart from other oxygen training methods and systems. It is from a science-based approach that we continue to develop our products, protocols and research. The necessity to find “a better way” to re-balance the challenges of modern day life is a journey that omits no one.

LiveO2 systems are a continuation of the findings of Dr. Manfred von Ardenne and his groundbreaking book Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy.

In this body of comprehensive research surrounding oxygen training Dr. von Ardenne discovered what he described as a “positive feedback loop” with a “reversible switching mechanism” taking place in the endothelial cells of the capillaries. From this viewpoint von Ardenne provides clinically significant protocols for the optimal reversal and thus deconstruction of the positive feedback loop that is typically associated with the decline of health.

The positive feedback loop that Dr. von Ardenne describes is locked in continual progression towards the decline of the cardiovascular system and work capacity of the body. A multitude of factors affect this cardiovascular and health decline, but it is known that middle age marks the start of a noticeable increase of this functional decline.

In positive feedback loops, the rate of the process always continues to accelerate until the system produces an event. In this case, the event is ultimately death, but even that is preceded by any number of health consuming events. While this sounds grim, the most significant information from von Ardenne’s research is that the endothelial switching mechanism is dynamic in most cases and reversible.

He proved that there is a clear and defined window of time where the functional decline is occurring prior to disease, as well as a certain threshold of oxygen training that when accomplished and maintained can result in complete or significant reversal of the capillary inflammation. Through clinical observation and research, the key to this switching mechanism, affecting the narrowest cross section of the microcirculation, is the partial pressure of oxygen in the body.

The ability to switch to negative air and then back to the “best recovery scenario” oxygen-concentrated air) quickly allows the complete gradient of oxygen demand and supply to be experienced in seconds.

We invented our Adaptive Contrast System™ to work by creating demand for oxygen in the body as a method to quickly drive oxygen deeper into the tissues. The ability to switch to negative air and then back to the “best recovery scenario” oxygen-concentrated air) quickly allows the complete gradient of oxygen demand and supply to be experienced in seconds. The bodies response to this signal is an immediate opening of the vascular system similar in feel to what we commonly associate with the energy of youth. The changes in the body can be profound and often provide a lasting result that is tangible.

The dynamic switching from low to high is the invention at the heart of LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast. There is nothing like it and it is also why our users continue to maintain and build upon great results for years into their training. Variability is the key to not only breaking patterns in the body but also being able to continue to elicit positive responses. In life or in sport you must build your physiology to win both the short game and the long game. There certainly are going to be challenges along the way but what matters most is that you are adapted to recover, quickly. This is LiveO2.

Get Your Own Copy of the OMST Book

We highly recommend getting your own copy of Manfred von Ardenne’s book, Oxygen Multistep Therapy, and directly reading his research. One thing to note: this book is very scientifically-worded and may feel a bit dense to some. However, if you’re used to reading scientific papers and publications, this is right up your alley!

Questions About the developing Science Behind Our Products?

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