Whole Life Challenge Podcast Episode 117 Featuring our Own Tom Butler!

**Skip ahead to the 13-minute mark to get straight to the beginning of Tom’s interview!**

Recently, our very own VP, Tom Butler, appeared on the Whole Life Challenge podcast to discuss Adaptive Contrast™ training.

A mutual connection of Whole Life Challenge and LiveO2™ is Eric Remensperger who used his LiveO2 system as a part of his treatment for Stage 4 cancer. (Check out that episode here >)

In this episode Tom gets deeper into the science behind Adaptive Contrast and all things oxygen. You’ll learn:

  • How to know if your blood oxygen level normal?
  • How can supplemental oxygen and exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) prevent and treat chronic disease?
  • Why “By the time you’re 60 years old, you’ve probably been oxygen deficient for a decade.”
  • The rest/recovery balance – how too much rest actually harms you, and why it’s so important to focus on recovery.
  • What different parts of your body get dibs on the oxygen you have available, and which ones are lower on the list (these may be chronically oxygen deficient to a dangerous degree)
  • Blood stasis and stagnation is a natural process of “turning off” resources to little-used parts of the body. find out why that matters and how to combat it.
  • What is vascular inflammation and why do we need to reduce it?


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Skip ahead to the 13-minute mark to get straight to the beginning of Tom’s interview!

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