The Definitive Guide to Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

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If you’re new to EWOT you may be wondering what it is and/or how it works.

EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) is a method of breathing higher levels of oxygen during exercise in order to increase the amount of oxygen in your blood plasma. If done correctly EWOT can produce many desired effects in as little as 15 minutes a few times a week.

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When you deliver and utilize more oxygen to your cells you:

  • Increase the energetic status and efficiency of your entire body
  • Experience improvement in tissue and organ function
  • Stimulate your immune system, reducing the probability of future illness
  • Reduce inflammation in the body, starting with the vascular system and joints
  • Produce the energy of youth, creating short-term health and longevity.
  • These benefits are just a few of the many positive results that come from EWOT.

Using EWOT treatment proactively and preventatively is attractive because it is something you can do naturally – it doesn’t require any prescription drugs or surgeries. That’s why many have turned to EWOT. If done correctly EWOT is a simple and powerful modality which uses naturally occurring oxygen to produce ameliorative results.

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The major problem of EWOT

Traditionally, EWOT is commonly promoted using a ‘trickle’ method: inhaling a supplemented oxygen source of 5 to 10 liters per minute through a cannula or rebreather mask while exercising. Here the body receives higher levels of oxygen than what is available from room air.

This method of EWOT becomes therapeutically effective at 9 hours according to the research of Dr. von Ardenne, who wrote the book on Oxygen Multistep Therapy.

Regardless of your reasons for using EWOT treatment, the time it takes to get to a therapeutic outcome is determined by a few factors: the greatest of which is the oxygen flow rate.

This article will examine traditional EWOT and scientifically illustrate for you how the LiveO2 system can provide the same results (if not better) of traditional EWOT without as much time, money and physical exertion.

But before we get into specifics, let’s take a step back and look at the root problem that EWOT solves in the first place: inflammation.

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy for Inflammation

Many theories that point to inflammation as the root cause of all disease. In this article from Dr Mercola, over 20+ diseases can be traced back to inflammatory mechanisms!

This is extremely important! If you’re researching EWOT to treat a symptom in a natural way, there’s a pretty solid chance its root cause can be traced back to inflammation.

The good news is: oxygen is the master anti-inflammatory. We know this because oxygen deficiencies trigger inflammation, first in our vascular system and then in our tissues.

Wondering if LiveO2 is effective enough to work for you? Steve tells how LiveO2 enabled him to regain the health he lost during 15 years in US Special Forces.

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LiveO2 is the Ultimate EWOT Machine

As illustrated in the above video, an oxygen shortage is essentially a “bottleneck” of your body’s blood flow.

That’s why we use the “plumbing” analogy…it visually represents what needs to happen to the bottleneck: a flush out.

This flush happens with super-oxygenated plasma, or a super-oxygenation event.

But most EWOT systems take at least one 9-hour workout to deliver therapeutic oxygenation! This is because the levels of oxygen being delivered are at around 5-10 LPM (liters per minute), so it’s going to take some time.

LiveO2™ and LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ deliver oxygen flow rates that meet or exceed the researched levels required to reach a therapeutic result in 15 minutes.

LiveO2 and LiveO2 Adaptive Contras work faster and better than EWOT because they achieve higher oxygen concentrations. More oxygen lets your body heal more and recover faster. That’s why we are more efficient.

Here’s a chart to show the comparison of oxygen delivery amount (LPM/liters per minute), speed, and price:

Device LPM Speed Price
EWOT 5–10 36Hr $1,000
LiveO2 50+ 15 Min $2,295
LiveO2 AC 50++ <15 Min $4,150


Why Choose LiveO2 Over Other Forms of EWOT?

Obviously, the price point in the above chart shows are systems as more expensive than EWOT. It’s important for you to understand 3 facets of LiveO2 that make owning a system the best choice for oxygen therapy:

1. LiveO2 Takes Only 15 Minutes!

The LiveO2 system uses some form of exercise to get your heart rate up. We normally use exercise bikes in our event and in-person trainings, but many LiveO2 practitioners around the U.S. and Mexico have used various methods from light treadmill walking to simple arm raises for patients with more serious conditions.

Exercise is a daunting word to many – and when seeking treatment for a condition, some people experience self-doubt and/or a general negative connotation commonly associated with exercise. If you’ve fallen out of the habit, “exercise” can be a scary word.

The LiveO2 system doesn’t ask much! We don’t ask you to pump iron for an hour in the gym or hit the treadmill to run miles upon miles.

All we need is to get your heart rate close to a target level needed for initiating super oxygen delivery. And, based on the methods in Van Ardenne’s Oxygen Multi-step Therapy, we’ve concluded that 15-minutes is the most effective time dose needed to ensure our oxygen delivery is maximized.

15 minutes of movement is achievable by almost anyone, even individuals with serious conditions. If you do have a serious condition, you absolutely want to check with your doctor or a LiveO2 recommended practitioner before engaging in any type of exercise.

One of our favorite use cases for the “convenience and feasibility” aspect of LiveO2, comes from a corporate wellness customer of ours in Lubbock, TX: Vertical Turbine Systems.

After adding in LiveO2 to their corporate wellness plan, VTS (a manufacturing company with many manual labor employees) allows its employees to do LiveO2 sessions as part of their work day.

Employees not only are paid to workout, but excited about the quick LiveO2 sessions because they are short and effective – they feel great afterward and make it home to their families with much more energy.

This illustrates how VTS has leveraged the convenience and time factor in their employees’ mental perception of completing a LiveO2 session. It’s a low-barrier entry to healing and/or optimizing peak performance!

Good for employer. Good for employee.

2. The System Pays for Itself in the first few sessions

In terms of price point, the LiveO2 systems are more expensive than traditional EWOT. However, our LiveO2 systems deliver therapeutic results in exponentially less time compared to EWOT systems. In fact, 36x faster, by delivering the needed flow of oxygen and by targeting optimal breath and heart rates.

The crucial value in LiveO2 systems really is the time it takes to see results. When you factor this into your overall pursuit for an optimal, healthy life you’re able to reap the benefits of oxygen therapy sooner with LiveO2, therefore making your investment much more valuable over a longer period of time.

Think of it this way: your time is valuable – it’s something you won’t get more of.

How do you value your time?

Let’s imagine you value 1 hour of your time at $100.

The cost of seeing results from traditional EWOT for you would be $900 over a span of 9 hours.

In contrast, the cost of seeing results from LiveO2 EWOT would be $25 over a span of 15 minutes!

Think of all the time you have left to utilize! More importantly, you can consecutively use LiveO2 15-minute sessions to continue improving without working out hours to complete your session.

Doug Allen, the CEO of VTS (video above) says it perfectly: “It costs much more to be sick than it ever did to be well.”

His point illustrates the idea that investing in a system to foster long-term wellness is money much better spent than purchasing prescription after prescription.

One approach to wellness is sustainable. The other is not.

We’re confident that once you invest in a LiveO2 system, you’ll realize soon enough that it has more than paid for itself in a month or less and will last you for years longer!

3. The Result is EARNED, Not Given

Physically, when it comes to super-oxygenating your body, it is only fair that you work for it.

Not earning this result is short-sighted, because you’re essentially telling your body, “Hey, here’s some free oxygen: you don’t need to do anything but just sit back and receive it.

We’re training our bodies every day, whether we know it or not. There’s stimuli everywhere around us. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of work to introduce a new “program” to your body.

It’s better to leverage the already-existing system your body has for introducing oxygen to the blood and supercharge it so you give your body an EARNED result, at your own pace.

We engineered LiveO2 to be that way: it purposefully uses a form of movement or exercise to challenge your body and leverage it’s natural system to be a carrier for super-oxygenation.

By achieving an earned result, your body goes through a resaturation process: during a LiveO2 training session, we see individuals begin to deliver super-oxygenated blood to their tissues, which eventually includes all major organs of the body.

Let’s examine one example with the liver:

Your liver is essentially a blood reservoir. During a LiveO2 session, you start shooting a lot of new, super-oxygenated and healthy blood to it, so the liver discards the “mediocre” blood. We can recognize this “sludge tide” in a LiveO2 training session when the individual may become more sluggish as the body clears the released toxins quickly.

This is a good sign! The body is beginning to get rid of things it doesn’t need.

For a more detailed breakdown of the detoxification process, check out 25:56 of Tom Butler, LiveO2 VP’s podcast here.

Interested in LiveO2 for exponentially better EWOT results?

The type of individual that has purchased a LiveO2 system varies. We have users who are doctors, NFL football players, people with injuries who need recovery, Olympic swimmers, cancer patients and biohackers looking to optimize their performance.

We have two different systems: LiveO2 Standard and LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™. Below, you’ll find information on both so you can compare which one may work best for you.

The LiveO2 Standard System

LiveO2 Standard amplifies the benefits of exercise to get a higher heart rate which drives more oxygen deeper into your body. This means you’ll get more benefit with less work. You will feel physical changes in about 3 minutes and get real results in 15 minutes!

The great thing about having your own system is that you don’t have to pay to do it at a doctor’s office, and you can share the benefits with your family!

If you’ve never tried LiveO2 before, we’d recommend finding a LiveO2 recommended practitioner to provide you with a session first. Click here to see a list of our recommended doctors.

Additionally, if you already are the owner of an traditional EWOT, you can upgrade it to a LiveO2 Standard system to see these results! Click here to see our Conversion Kit and other upgrade options.

You can also upgrade your system to a LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ System (information below).

The LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast System

LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast more than doubles the performance of LiveO2 Standard.

LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast is our premium oxygen system and switches between high oxygen and the equivalent of high altitude.

It’s pretty easy for your body to breathe with just high oxygen, and this lets your heart and lungs take it easy. LiveO2 AC changes this, switching you to a high mountain elevations of 10,000 feet. These switches make your heart and lungs work harder, so the oxygen does a lot more.

Click here to view our Adaptive Contrast systems or contact us to ask a question about using the LiveO2 AC™ System. (We do not answer any medical questions, so please do not submit any as we’ll just have to defer you to your MD.)

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LiveO2 EWOT for Health Recovery

We’re not doctors and don’t pretend to be. At LiveO2, we’ve simply engineered a product based on science showing how oxygen multi-step therapy can be effective.

That being said, we’ve proven to many doctors and practitioners all over the world, that the LiveO2 system can help reach recovery faster than many traditional treatments.

If you’re interested in oxygen therapy for a medical condition, please refer to the LiveO2 list of Recommended Doctors. All of the practitioners listed have ample training in our system and can help introduce you to the system and build a protocol for treating your medical condition.

Click here to view our list of recommended doctors.

Here’s what Dr. Ben Edwards of Veritas Medical has to say about using LiveO2 with his patients

Contact Us with Specific Questions

Again, we’re not doctors so we cannot answer any medical questions!

However, if you have specific questions, concerns, or doubts regarding the LiveO2 system and how EWOT can work for your specific use case, please send us a message and a LiveO2 team member will get back to you!

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