Oxygen Multistep Therapy

Prof. Dr. Manfred von Ardenne

The guy was a seri­ous sci­en­tist!

Man­fred von Ardenne dis­cov­ered the cause and cure for many inflam­ma­to­ry con­di­tions. Cap­il­lary swelling cre­ates a durable, often per­ma­nent, stress zone, which can­not heal. These stress zones enable:

  • Errant tis­sue pro­lif­er­a­tion (benign and malig­nant growth)
  • Unre­solved lesions
  • Pathogen colonies
  • Local aci­do­sis from anaer­o­bic gly­col­y­sis.

von Ardenne’s method restores tis­sue oxy­gen by switch­ing off inflam­ma­tion in the inner cap­il­lary skin or endothe­li­um. von Ardenne dis­cov­ered that an oxy­gen-flood revers­es this endothe­lial swelling.The effect cre­ates chron­ic inflam­ma­tion. Cap­il­lar­ies are choked, so blood flow is blocked, so oxy­gen is blocked, so recov­ery is blocked.

von Ardenne

Swollen cap­il­lar­ies which lim­it blood flow cre­ate tis­sue stress zones. Tis­sue in stress zones can­not per­form, and hosts dis­ease because the blood sup­ply is inhib­it­ed.

von Ardenne dis­cov­ered that an hypox­ic inci­dent trig­gers cap­il­lary swelling, and an oxy­gen flood revers­es it.

Oxy­gen Mul­ti­step Ther­a­py is the method of using oxy­gen to “flood” the cap­il­lar­ies to switch-off the swelling and restore blood and nutri­ents to down­stream tis­sues.

Oxygen Multistep Therapy

Oxy­gen Mul­ti­Step Ther­a­py Com­pared to Hyper­bar­ic:

  • OMST deliv­ers 5–10 times more tis­sue oxy­gen
  • Does not require phys­i­cal enclo­sure
  • Works in as lit­tle as 15 min­utes com­pared to hours.
  • Are much less expen­sive

Man­fred Von Ardenne pub­lished com­pre­hen­sive pro­to­cols by cond­tion in his book, Oxy­gen Mul­ti­step Ther­a­py which are sum­ma­rized at these links:

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