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Oxygen Multistep Therapy

oxygen multistep vonArdenne The guy was a serious scientist!

Manfred von Ardenne discovered the cause and cure for many inflammatory conditions. Capillary swelling creates a durable, often permanent, stress zone, which cannot heal. These stress zones enable:

  • Errant tissue proliferation (benign and malignant growth)
  • Unresolved lesions
  • Pathogen colonies
  • Local acidosis from anaerobic glycolysis.

von Ardenne’s method restores tissue oxygen by switching off inflammation in the inner capillary skin or endothelium. von Ardenne discovered that an oxygen-flood reverses this endothelial swelling.The effect creates chronic inflammation. Capillaries are choked, so blood flow is blocked, so oxygen is blocked, so recovery is blocked.

vonArdenneSwollen capillaries which limit blood flow create tissue stress zones. Tissue in stress zones cannot perform, and hosts disease because the blood supply is inhibited.

von Ardenne discovered that an hypoxic incident triggers capillary swelling, and an oxygen flood reverses it.

microvesselartery anatomy

Oxygen Multistep Therapy is the method of using oxygen to “flood” the capillaries to switch-off the swelling and restore blood and nutrients to downstream tissues.

HBO chamber

Oxygen MultiStep Therapy Compared to Hyperbaric:

  • OMST delivers 5-10 times more tissue oxygen
  • Does not require physical enclosure
  • Works in as little as 15 minutes compared to hours.
  • Are much less expensive

Manfred Von Ardenne published comprehensive protocols by condtion in his book, Oxygen Multistep Therapy which are summarized at these links:

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