Warrior Unwounded – A Recovery Story – Ben Menefee

Ben had a brain bleed from head injury while serving in Afghanistan. After he awoke from his coma, doctors at Walter Reed Veterans hospital told him he may never talk or walk again and that only 2 out 100 people with his type of brain bleed survive.

This is a happy story.

Ben’s injury left him a paralyzed on his left side, subject to uncontrollable laughing and crying, with severe headaches and always exhausted. As soon as he was physically able Ben switched from hyperbaric treatments to at-home LiveO2™ with Adaptive Contrast™.

At-home Adaptive Contrast enables him to amplify the effects of limited exercise he can do with a half-paralyzed body. This challenge enabled him to raise his internal oxygen levels high enough to continue his recovery.

He reports that it’s been over a year since he had a laughing/crying episode, demonstrates wheelchair-free mobility, and enjoys a headache-free life.

He loves watching his doctors try to figure out why he no longer needs drugs to control his blood pressure or cholesterol. Ben attributes his recovery to oxygen; first with hyperbaric and then LiveO2.

Go Ben GO!

You can contact Ben directly here.