Training Matters – Success with Oxygen is not as simple as it seems

We got this letter from a customer. I'm posting it to help our audience understand that you can't just hop on an exercise machine, crank some exercise, and expect success.

Hi Annette,

First thing I need to tell you is THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your support from the start including the sale.

I’ve had a serious interest in the value of some sort of oxygen therapy for some time, found Liveo2 no real knowledge what to expect. Contacted Liveo2 got you as rep. Informative approach and good listener although I’m sure you’ve heard it all before.

At old age you really don’t have much confidence results could be there. My interest was help with brain fog, energy and improvement of well being.

After your response to questions and education of possibilities without promises I felt excited to get set up. Because of talking to you got my son to hear you, you explained benefits and options. He also purchased but got the two machines with bigger bags.

COACHING cemented the results. I never would have come close to consumer satisfaction if coaching would not have happened. I felt like I needed to improve my physical state as well, to see results. Worked on that as we progressed. Bearing that in mind, you took me from there with progress each session. You listened, lined me out, here’s whats next. Advanced again after each session.  Mental  gain last time came from you saying I needed to learn the art of the difference between fast breathing and out of breath.  Major eye opener. 

At this point I have advanced to understanding Mark’s philosophy and his knowing that oxygenating the body, our goal, will and can happen with ability to achieve oxygen debt then high impact of 85% oxygen. I believe we have had 4 or 5 coaching sessions and I can’t imagine where I would be with satisfaction had the coaching not been there. I’m sure next thing you will tell me is ok now we’re going to pusher harder to get results that are there for you.

I have to say with these Results I’ve achieved 80% of what I hoped for it’s amazing. Also everyday energy and well being has had same results. I wanted to share this also for Liveo2 to continue to offer this coaching. I’m certain most of your clients are unprepared for this on their own and will not fulfill the satisfaction possible and hoped for.  I spent 35 years in similar by nature “PERSONAL PHYSICAL RESULTS” hoped for Business. It became our Legacy because we trained and coached with our products possibilities.

Competitors someday may duplicate the product but  the challenge is can they support “yes” I would buy this product again, assisted by coaching, gives the results I spent my money for. Your Legacy and Longevity is created through client Loyalty. The old saying satisfaction is not good enough “Loyalty” is our goal. Ask Toyota satisfaction is not enough there Goal has been create Loyalty. 

Thanks again Annette I think of  you every workout and know After the purchase you made the difference. 

Thank You
Don W

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