Q&A with Tom – Episode 3

Our third episode of Q&A is here!

Here are the questions asked and any relevant links:

  1. Tom, do you think using the TBT (total body trainer) and incorporating my arms in the aerobic exercise will deliver more oxygen to those areas than having them in a resting position as I pedal with my legs? (Listen at 01:42 – 06:00)
  2. Will LiveO2 help my sex life? (Listen at 06:03 – 13:04)
  3. Can you address Northern California fire detox? They are burning us down and don’t plan to stop. How could the AC™ system be best used to support people’s detox from the fires? Can you also speak to the nature of toxins from the fires that are burning hotter than wildfires (burning stuff like tires and metals and porcelain)? (Listen at 13:17 – 32:54)
  4. How does LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast compare to Hyperbaric oxygen therapy? (Listen at 33:00 – 45:44)
  5. I wanted to share something with you about using my LiveO2 system. I watched a podcast about nose breathing during exercise and I decided to try it while doing my LiveO2 workout. It took a while to get comfortable with it – I would sometimes exhale from the nose but got used to it.After a bit I noticed I felt remarkably relaxed even when the O2 levels were low.I felt relaxed after…normally I am little hyped up. When done, I decided to use my heart variability tester to verify how relaxed I was. It was amazing, I was completely balanced with my nervous system even after just exercising. Best session to date! Curious if you have tried it and had the same result? (Listen at 46:00 – 53:13)
  6. I haven’t used my Live02 the last month or two. And I noticed that the two times I used it this week that my pulse ox wasn’t going down that much when I was on -O2. It would maybe go down to 95 and then trickle back up to 97 even after a couple of minutes. Is that weird? (Listen at 53:15 – 1:00:09)
  7. I am looking at foot surgery for arthritis and was wondering if AC will speed up the healing process? (Listen at 1:00:10 – end)

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