Redefining Power, Strength & Force with Pneumatic Training: an Interview with Scott Stapleton of Keiser [podcast]

Scott Stapleton is a veteran in the fitness industry and with over 30 years (!) of experience, he’s seen it all when it comes to athletic training.

Though Scott is a gym owner (see our LiveO2 Site launch at his facility here), he’s not sold on “pumping iron”.

With Keiser, Scott prefers to train athletes with air, not iron.

That’s right! Scott trains high performers with compressed air and today’s podcast is all about it.

In this podcast episode, Scott and Tom discuss athletic training with pneumatics. They get into:

  • Why using air is better than the traditional method of weight training (hint: it’s much faster)
  • The mechanical advantage (muscle-wise) athletes gain with compressed air
  • What running at a 45 degree angle (the Keiser Air 300Runner) can do
  • Building anaerobic endurance for any sport
  • And a call for a guinea pig in a LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ + Air 300Runner training session!

Click below to listen.

Show notes:

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