LiveO2 vs Hyperbaric

Think Oxygen First

Oxygenation is the medically appropriate first step in most treatments because tissue oxygenation is prerequisite for recovery from most conditions.

Dr. Palacios compares his experience with LiveO2™ performance to his 15 years of experience with medical hyperbaric treatment. He discusses equipment and administrative cost, treatment times and generalized results with his patients.

Medicare Policy restricts payment for medical hyperbaric therapy to 15 severe indications because the cost, about $10,500 per patient, is prohibitive for most conditions.

Oxygenation is a prerequisite for healing. Many studies support the common sense view that tissue oxygenation is essential in ischemic and immunological conditions. “Oxygenation is my first step in any treatment.”

Doctors need a fast and affordable tool to oxygenate patients.

LiveO2 compared to medical hyperbaric therapy

lungsBefore LiveO2, HBOT was the only choice and “…hyperbaric is expensive and takes many sessions to work.”

LiveO2 uses the heart and lungs plus extra oxygen during exercise

Are your patients oxygenated?

PUBMED results that support Dr. Palacios’ assertion of Medical Hyperbaric Treatment is beneficial in ischemic and infectious conditions beyond the 15 indications covered by Medicare and Medicaid: