Pro-Football Recovery Experience

Stephen White is a former Quarterback for the BC Lions. 

Stephen got his football concussions before the internet was invented - which means that very old brain injuries can improve and even recover.  

Stephen's football career ended when 3 concussions compounded into disability. Now, about 25 years later, Steven discusses his recovery progress using LiveO2 AC for 9 months. 

Stephen correlates his neurological test results to the corresponding improvements in quality of life, and his ability to help others recover. 

We had a VERY hard time editing Steven's story to only 15 minutes. Stephen has lots to say that matters to anyone affected by post-concussion issues.

If you can't afford the full-version of his story - please page down. Like Stephen, virtually all LiveO2 concussion recovery users have improved neurological results, and report restored quality of life. 

Long - 49 Min Version

Short -  15 Min

This short-version, 15 min, interview highlights both quality of life (subjective) improvements and neurological panels (objective) improvements that occurred during 9 months of regular LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast training.

Please excuse the error - Steve played for the BC Lions and not the Cleveland Browns.