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Mark Squibb Bio

Mark Squibb is an inventor with patents in biotechnology and information science. 

Mark discovered new physiology that occurs by switching oxygen concentration in air during exercise. 

LiveO2 is a patented system which enables users to achieve tissue oxygen levels that far exceed legacy oxygen delivery systems like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, breathing techniques and EWOT. 

Crazy-high oxygen levels in the brain and body from his invention enable able-bodied users to increase their intelligence within a week and rollback their health issues by about 15 years.  

The LiveO2 invention reverses many of the underlying reasons why most people lose energy, thus health, as they age. 

Mark and the LiveO2 team have integrated LiveO2 oxygen system with other methods, nutrients and techniques into a platform able optimize energy, thus performance, for most body systems including nervous system, brain, digestion, skin, immunity, sex and the muscular system.

Prior to developing LiveO2, Mark patented a collection of computer technologies that first embodied reliable data that have since evolved into blockchain, which is the basis for cryptocurrency.

Beyond this… Mark is a weird-ass dude who lives on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere, raises his own food, and likes to fish.