How to Defy Age & Use Your “Road Rage” for Good [podcast]

Julia Hubbel NepalJulia Hubbel summited Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa) at age 60!

The next year she went on to complete the Inca Trail and the Everest Base Camp climb in Nepal (pictured above).

Since then, Julia has been all over the world, riding, kayaking, climbing, hiking, skydiving, paragliding, and exploring new cultures.

Not to mention she’s also a prize-winning author (we’ll talk about her book Wordfood in this episode) and has corporate experience as a director of training in Fortune 500 corporations.

Julia is no-nonsense when it comes to attitude and discipline. (Did I mention she’s also ex-military?)

Her philosophy is: “Whatever you think, you’re right.”

We’re excited to have Julia as our next podcast guest, and let me tell you: this is an episode that you don’t wanna miss!

This episode is great on so many levels – if you listen to even a part of of it, you’ll be inspired!

Here’s a taste of what Tom and Julia get into:

  • How Julia is active and healthy at age 65
  • Why you OWE your gifts to the world
  • How to recognize when you’ve started “dying”
  • How to change your attitude and start accomplishing goals

Click below to listen:

Show notes:

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