How Jeff Reversed His Declining Health and Saved $30K

Jeff’s results from his 50-year checkup with his doctor produced some disheartening results:

Cholesterol levels up.

Blood pressure up.

Pain up….neck and back pain had increased due to his numerous prior herniated disc surgeries.

Not only was the health outlook grim, but the financial implications of treating these symptoms left Jeff feeling like there must be a better way.

That moment is when he decided to take his health into his own hands and become a participant in his health. Can you imagine what happened when Jeff decided to take charge?

Fast-forward to today: Jeff is pain free! He has incredibly increased his energy, stamina, and no more brain fog! He is now pursuing things he’s always wanted to like writing (check out his first book!) and guitar playing.

“Go on, Live your Life Jeff!”

In this podcast episode, Jeff gives us a first-hand account of how his LiveO2 training along with \inversion therapy and a ketogenic diet supported this incredible transformation.

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Show notes:

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Jeff thumbs up LiveO2

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