Going Zen with Luke Storey about LiveO2

Luke Storey helped me put the humanity of LiveO2 into a words. What a gift!

As we talked, I started to feel part of my mission was to help others finesse the stress of these times. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. 

Here is the Podcast on Luke Storey's site

04:35 — What is Oxygen Training?

  • Amplifying natural exercise 

  • How “adaptive contrasts” makes LiveO2 unique 

  • Why an oxygenated brain leads to a higher IQ 

  • Anti-aging capabilities 

  • The components of LiveO2 

  • Breathwork modalities in comparison to oxygen training 

38:39 — Performance Enhancement & Oxygen 

  • Cellular healing experiences with LiveO2

  • Tricking the vascular system into a maximum flow 

  • How Mark increased his functional IQ by 17%

44:11 — Brain Function, Injury & Stress 

  • Concussion damage and effect on lifestyle 

  • Training versus therapy 

01:02:20 — Brain Function & Spirituality 

  • Why a happy body gives you a happy spirit 

  • Oxygen training and increased sexual performance

  • Using oxygen training for recovery 

  • Taking fear out of the physical body 

  • Opting out of the traditional health system

  • Engineering protocols for different tissues 

  • The secret to raising healthy children