Brain Energy Before/During/After LiveO2 Training

LiveO2 training yields a 29% durable increase in brain energy production.

Brain energy maximums occur during high-oxygen recovery after sprints on low-oxygen air with Adaptive Contrast.

Durable increase in Brain Energy with BrainO2 protocol
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Experiment and Results

Only advanced LiveO2 users should attempt this protocol.  The experiment uses prolonged exertion with low oxygen air to trick the body into compensatory blood flow. This challenge causes the body to prioritize blood flow to the brain due to lack of oxygen. 

New users should not consider this protocol until they have used LiveO2 least a month, and are working with an Official LiveO2 Trainer

Beginners & Clinics - Please Click Here

This video explains why it is so important to rely on LiveO2 training and coaching. Do not make the mistake that an inexperienced user should try this protocol. It normally takes about a month for a new user to securely and safely perform this protocol.


  1. Clinic must receive proper training;
  2. About 50% of new users have oxygen debt;
  3. Trainers must be properly trained or new users will have problems;
  4. This is a critical investment for facilities;
  5. The use of hypoxia to facilitate oxygen debt recovery;

0:00 - 3:52 Experiment Explanation
3:53 - 4:24 1st Hypoxic Event
4:25 - 4:51 2nd-3rd Hypoxic Events (15% in peak brain O2)
4:52 - 5:32 4th-6th Hypoxic Events  (+ 2-3% increase in median brain energy)
5:33 - 6:52 7th Hypoxic Event Energetic Ecstasy  (Brain Energy spiked to 27%)
6:53 - 8:14 8th-12th Hypoxic Event - Fix at durable maximum
8:15 - 8:54 Analysis showing durable 29% increase in Brain Energy
8:55 - 9:54 Before/After Neurological Panel showing 12% gain in score
9:56 - 11:23 Before/After 2-hours protocol with 58 YO Female showing restoration of cognitive capacity (3-concussion over 18 months)
11:24 - 12:04 Before/After 4x protocol over 90 days with 24 YO male showing restoration of cognitive capacity (10+-concussion over 10 years)
12:05 - 13:22 LiveO2 Equipment Requirements
13:23 - 16:16 Physiological Explanation

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This protocol requires Adaptive Contrast switching. The LiveO2 Extreme with adjustable hypoxia enables the subjects to achieve peak brain-blood-flow conditions with less exertion. These results rely on novel performance of invention per US Patent No. 9,833,643.

A deep tissue oxygen sensor, by Artinis, on the pre-frontal cortex measures oxygen-rich and oxygen-deplete blood yielding real-time brain oxygen use. 

Cognitive panels for two long-term case-studies show permanent restoration of mental function experienced by most users. Cognitive panels use the CNSVS clinical neurological testing system.

LiveO2 Extreme - Ideal for Protocol because progressive hypoxia makes it easier to establish and maintain brain-blood flow during training at low to moderate exertion levels. LiveO2 Extreme enables exertion limited users to activate the brain-blood flow threshold which enables these effects. 

Good for protocol but maximum hypoxia at 10K ft of simulated altitude requires intense exertion to activate brain-blood flow circuit. This system is adequate for users capable of High Intensity Interval training.

Long Term Results

These graphs show specific detail of 2 concussed users who used this protocol. Both were lifetime athletes so they were well able to do High Intensity Interval Training. Reproduced with permission. Click graphs for complete results.

Results persisted beyond 4 years on follow-up.

Subject reports recovery duration exceeds 8 years.

Training Options

BrainO2 is an advanced protocol. LiveO2 offers multiple training and support options: 

Benefit Durability

BrainO2 training maximizes mental and physical performance beyond levels achievable by other known methods.

Third party lab tests on muscle tissue show increase of muscle PO2 levels of approximately 33.3% from 60% to 80%. These tissue oxygen levels correlate to measured increases in strength, agility, endurance and recovery velocity.

Adaptive Contrast training uses low-oxygen exposure to cause the body to fully optimize the process of oxygen delivery, while brief high-oxygen bursts deliver maximum concentration of oxygen to all tissues via blood plasma.

Users report that a BrainO2 training session enables above-normal performance for approximately 4 days. Optimal repetition is every-day or every other day during recovery.

Users also expedite recovery time for fatigue and injury, normally less than half. No user has reported soreness or fatigue after using this protocol, and most report it is beneficial immediately before any exertion event.