Don’t Panic – Watch LiveO2 Boost Your Immune System in Real Time

LiveO2 users immune systems don’t lose power…

The flu is dangerous because it chokes energy metabolism to about 50% of normal. This cripples the immune system at the worst time. Lesson: Oxygen is essential for recovery because the lungs fail when injured by infection.

In 2014 I used LiveO2 to recover from the flu. I felt recovered in 3 days while my wife and kids were sick about 3 weeks.

Watch how LiveO2 super-charges the immune system cells in the blood:

  • Before
  • Immediately After
  • 3 Hours After
  • The Next Morning
  • 7 Days Later

LiveO2 users recover faster and suffer less…

Oxygen during illness determines:

  • Duration of illness
  • Risk of adverse outcome
  • Symptom Intensity

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