Blood Numbers Report from Michael Kummer – revised

Author Apology - This article is posted for internal review. It went out in the newsletter prior to intended release. We are making minor corrections. Please forgive my error.

Here are experimental blood chemistry results for LiveO2 AC after ~30 min/day for ~3 weeks usage:

  • Red Blood Cell Count up 24.3% = (5.88 - 4.73) / 4.73 * 100
  • Hematocrit up 24.0% = (52.6 - 42.4) / 42.4
  • Hemoglobin up +22% = (17.1 - 14.2) / 14.2
  • Aerobic endurance substantially @+14 days

What is LiveO2 ExtremeO2?

LiveO2 Extreme enables hypoxic training to lower oxygen concentrations than our Adaptive Contrast system. Adaptive Contrast has a training ceiling of about 16%, or about an altitude of 10K feet. Safety at this level of hypoxic training is a well established safety standard because it is the same oxygen concentration as cabin pressure in commercial air travel. LiveO2 Extreme enables upward-adjustable hypoxic training to lower oxygen levels.

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View Michael's Lab Data

Michael gets labs done quarterly. The results were very clear because the performance results were very clear. Initial increase max power on the bike was immediate, then it dropped off, then later bounced back. Steady state power was superior before starting. 

Endurance, as measured during moderate CrossFit workouts improved. Can perform longer moderate intensity workouts without giving out. He can remain longer at his performance threshold before falling off. This suggests improvement of VO2-Max as improved aerobic capacity.


How long until you experienced durable increase in performance?

12-15 days

Mental/Brain Clarity Effects

Training on LiveO2 helps me keep a clear head and maintain my energy all day. His wife experiences the same result.