Ben Menefee HBOT and LiveO2 Experiences Compared

Ben offers a first-hand experience and explains differences in HBOT and LiveO2 comparing results, convenience, usability, cost and logistics. Ben’s doctor prescribed 120 dives in a medical hyperbaric chamber before he switched to LiveO2 at home.

Ben suffered a near-fatal brain injury while serving in Afghanistan in 2013. The injury left him paralyzed on his left side and confined to a wheelchair. Ben’s recovery continues 5 years after his initial injury to the amazement of his doctors and therapists.


Session Cost $100-250$0 – Home
Help NeededTechnician RequiredEasy
Time to ResultsDelayedImmediate
Session Time1-2 Hours15 Min
Feel the BenefitsWeakDramatic
LocationTravel to DoctorAt Home
DifficultyAlways need helpSelf Administer