Artist Level Up – Brightness, Clarity and Helping Friends

Astrid's transformation of emotion, experience and imagination to colors on canvas reflect creative gifts. Her story explains how those gifts leveled-up with a LiveO2 tuned mind and body:

  • 0:00 Personal Game Changer Toxins, Fatigue & Brain Fog;
  • 2:59 Level-up Artistic, Spiritual, Energetic & Cognitive experience;
  • 6:58 Optimal benefits require ongoing training and guidance;
  • 11:15 About your LiveO2 Extreme upgrade;
  • 12:50 What is your LiveO2 training schedule?
  • 15:00 It's a luxury to be able to help my friends;
  • 16:25 Detox & my personal trainer was blown away;
  • 19:15 My anxiety went away and it's been fun!

Astrid discovered LiveO2 while investigating hyperbaric chambers for her stroke affected mother.

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