Vitamin C’s Secret Love Affair with the Immune System

We've all heard that Vitamin C is good for the cold and flu - but nobody ever explains why or how it works. 

  • How to be one of those annoying people who never get sick...
  • What creates symptoms and how to turn them off...
  • What Vitamin C actually does when you are sick...
  • How oxygen maximizes your resilience during ANY infection...  

What's this really?

The presentation proposes a functional biochemical explanation of the a dual role of Vitamin C during infection as an intracellular peroxide source and as an extracellular alkalosis neutralizing agent.

For this to make sense I start by explaining the oxidative the potency of the superoxide radical, peroxide from Vitamin C, both compared to oxidation from chlorine from chloride, which is the backup when there isn't enough oxygen to make the superoxide radical.

This stress from results discomfort and fatigue which reduces the power and energy near virus-affected cells to produce fatigue and discomfort during low-oxygen illness. When the body has enough oxygen - it prevents extracellular chloride depletion - which prevents the alkalosis from Na+ excess, which prevents most symptoms and loss of power to nearby cells. 

Strong oxidizers, who have very potent oxygenation, resist most symptoms of infection because they don't fall-back to chlorine oxidation. They get infections like everybody else - but they never seem to get very sick. 

Prolonged extracellular pH imbalance role causes large quantities of Vitamin C to be utilized tending to systemic depletion of Vitamin C and other metabolic acids during infection.

Biochemical Explanations:

  • Why viral symptoms are worse when O2 is low due to respiratory injury; 
  • Why extracellular fluid swings alkali during viral infection resulting in local tissue stress and loss of function;
  • Why urine swings alkali during viral infection due to chloride depletion;
  • Why gallbladder stress/discomfort tends to occur during respiratory viral episode;
  • Proposes why gallstones form;
  • Explains why LiveO2 AC is better at reducing symptoms during infectious challenge by increase in extracellular fluid turnover - wash-out of alkali