Q&A with Tom – Episode 2

Our second episode of Q&A is here! Again, we polled our Facebook page and private Facebook group, LiveO2 for the People, to see what questions you have for Tom, our VP. In this episode, Tom addresses all of the questions submitted, so this episode is more lengthy than last time.

Here are the questions asked and any relevant links:

  1. How can one check the oxygen concentration level that the compressor is delivering? Is it possible for it to just be filling the bag with air? I don’t think I have an issue but I do like to check things. (Listen at 1:48 – 13:53)
  2. How can one measure biological age vs chronological? Can you somehow measure the anti aging effects of LiveO2? (Listen at 14:04 – 24:02)
  3. Will EWOT help peripheral neuropathy? (Listen at 24:23 – 31:18)
  4. Could you please help explain what the various supplements suggested in some of the advanced protocols do? (i.e. what function in the body does each one target?) (Listen at 31:37 – 54:02)
  5. Can LiveO2 be used to increase breath hold time for people engaging in activities like competitive swimming or free diving? What protocol variations would you recommend for this aspect of performance, specifically, or do the normal protocols adequately expand this hypoxic performance capability? (Listen at 54:15 – 1:03:45)
  6. How does AC kill parasites – do you have any suggested parasite protocols? What about plaques? (Listen at 1:04:04 – 1:17:24)
  7. What are your recommendations for learning more about your own physiology? (Listen at 1:17:28 – 1:25:55)
    • Learn how to be a caretaker of your body
    • Find out what interests you – something will speak to you
    • The Web That Has No Weaver
    • Pick the one thing you really enjoy doing and explore!

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