The First LiveO2™ Site Launches with Miami Athletic Club

Earlier this month, we launched our very first LiveO2 site based in a fitness facility with Miami Athletic Club (MAC) in Milford, Ohio!

Our team traveled to Milford – just outside of Cincinnati – and trained the MAC team on everything LiveO2.

MAC site launch LiveO2

MAC owner, Scott Stapleton, tried the LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ at a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) event earlier this year and immediately knew this was a must-have for himself and his members.

Scott’s already realizing an expedited return on his investment after his demo day launch earlier this March.

Read on to find out more about the launch and Scott’s success…

What is a LiveO2 Site?

A LiveO2 site is any type of location – like a gym, fitness center, wellness club, resort, or team training facility – that has undergone onsite training and a Demo Day launch to provide LiveO2 sessions to their members.

Ideally, sites already have some type of established specialty or services they provide to the community.

Scott’s site, Miami Athletic Club, is a 24-hour gym that offers a full suite of fitness equipment, spin classes, yoga classes, strength training, water aerobics, CrossFit and lots of other options that all fit under the wellness center’s roof.

Exercise with oxygen training (EWOT) is in high demand these days and Scott knew adding this feature to his club could open up the doors to bringing in a wave of new members interested in feeling better.

As a 28 year owner/operator veteran in the business, Scott now relates to four generations of members!

The challenge that comes with that broad spectrum is each of those generations has different needs.

Scott wanted to address this problem by finding a solution to encourage older members to keep exercising and find something new to motivate his younger members.

That’s why LiveO2 was a “must-have”: It can train any physiology.

The MAC Site Launch

The LiveO2 team flew in to be on-site with Scott for 2.5 days. The first day was dedicated to training the Miami Athletic Club staff to understand how Adaptive Contrast training sessions work and the science behind it.

Setup and training is typically the most important: all LiveO2 sites need to comprehend the fundamentals of oxygen multistep therapy. For most, it is the first time experiencing respiratory demand followed by a rapid oxygen refresh.

The second day we worked with the MAC staff to get their feet wet on first public demos. Our trainers worked alongside the MAC trainers to provide 15-minute sessions on the LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast systems and to ensure they felt confident in training.

David Chamblee LiveO2 site launch MAC

Finally, half way through day two we set them loose! LiveO2 trainers were present for support and guidance. But the afternoon was the MAC trainers’ time to implement what they learned on their own.

Taking an extended 2-day approach to site launch ensures that any site staff can understand what happens during an Adaptive Contrast session. It also provides the confidence needed to autonomously lead participants through LiveO2 sessions.

The Results So Far

It’s been just around 3 weeks since we helped Scott launch LiveO2 at his fitness club and he’s already reporting great things!

For every dollar Scott spent on training, his club has earned three in the form of sign ups of new participants.

MAC LiveO2 site

Scott has shared success stories ranging from young athletes having altitude training experiences, much needed recovery for working professionals, and older club members seemingly acting much younger.

For any business owner ROI is a major deciding factor on what takes focus in your facility.

Scott is already looking to double his LiveO2 capacity with the simple philosophy of “everybody needs this”.

We can’t wait for the next visit and seeing how far the MAC Adaptive Contrast model will go!

Interested in Becoming a LiveO2 Site?

If you run a business that wants to be an official LiveO2 site or are in charge of a team training program with athletes that could benefit from Adaptive Contrast, consider adding LiveO2 to deliver the next level of benefits for your members!

We’ve just begun to scratch the surface! We plan to launch over 400 official LiveO2 Sites and are currently taking applications. If you’d like to apply to become a LiveO2 site click here >

We look forward to telling you about the next LiveO2 site launch. Could it be your club?

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