A Few Lies About Aging & How to Set a Big, Hairy-Ass Goal [podcast]

Julia Hubbel is back for Round 2 of the LiveO2 for the People podcast.

Since we last spoke to her, she’s been training like crazy, been injured, undergone surgery and completed more adventures!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you should set a big, hairy-ass goal (BHAG)
  • Why your dignity of effort is more important than achieving your goal
  • How Julia deals with moments of discouragement
  • What Tom & Julia think about body ownership (are we our bodies?)
  • Why the “inevitability” of dementia and Alzheimer’s is a lie!
  • Where Tom’s LiveO2 system went on Thanksgiving! (hint: pro athlete)
  • How to engender recovery in your body before a procedure/surgery
  • Why life expectancy is down for the first time ever since WWI
  • Why Julia’s yellow Patagonia underwear hold a special place in her heart…

As usual with Julia, this episode is very inspiring – click below to listen:

Show notes:

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