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Billy Wease podcast
Losing Rx dependency and Dual Adaptive Contrast™: Billy Wease of Optiyou RX [Podcast]

Billy had a wakeup call when his grandmother’s doctor told him there was nothing else…

11 Jun 2018
New System Launch
New Dual AC System Launches – Train 2 People at Once [Podcast]

Today we are officially announcing the launch of the new LiveO2 AC Dual User AC…

4 May 2018
Jeff Langley LiveO2 Standard System
How Jeff Reversed His Declining Health and Saved $30K

Jeff’s results from his 50-year checkup with his doctor produced some disheartening results: Cholesterol levels…

2 May 2018
MAC site launch LiveO@
The First LiveO2™ Site Launches with Miami Athletic Club

Earlier this month, we launched our very first LiveO2 site based in a fitness facility with Miami…

3 Apr 2018