Did you know that breathing hard makes most EWOT systems work LESS?

LiveO2 Super EWOT delivers at least 3x more oxygen than other EWOT systems—literally all the oxygen your body can breathe.

EWOT Basics

Oxygen Quiz

  • How does EWOT really work?
  • How does it work for inflammation?
  • How does it improve alkalinity?
  • Why is more oxygen so much better than EWOT?

The answers will change your life.

Lessons Learned

  1. Oxygen is the master anti-inflammatory
  2. Oxygen in your body’s water determines your immune energy
  3. Cell oxygen use controls alkalinity

LiveO2 is Super-EWOT

EWOT systems take 36 hours to do the same thing that LiveO2 does in 15 minutes. It’s all about how much oxygen you install in your body’s water.

LiveO2 and LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast deliver overwhelmingly more oxygen than either EWOT or HBOT. LiveO2 and LiveO2 work faster and better than EWOT and HBOT because they achieve higher oxygen concentrations. More oxygen lets your body heal more and recover faster.

The EWOT Super Mask turns an EWOT into LiveO2 — the Ultimate EWOT Machine.

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There are four oxygen technologies that deliver different levels of oxygen to your body.

Here’s how they compare:

LPM Speed Price
EWOT 5-10 36Hr $1000
LiveO2 50+ 15 Min Click
LiveO2 AC 50++ <15 Min Click
HBOT ~20 20-60Hr $10,000
  • LPM stands for Liters Per Minute — it tells how much oxygen these systems deliver to your body.
  • Speed indicates how long it takes for the oxygen therapy to make a real difference in how your body works. Note how LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC create results in minutes while other technologies take hours.
  • Price is the typical purchase cost of high quality systems from reputable suppliers.

There is a big range of cost versus performance.  If you’re confused, we’ll answer your questions in person at 970-372-4344.

Are you looking for even more?

If you’re athletic at all, LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast more than doubles the performance of LiveO2.

LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast is our premium oxygen system. It switches between high oxygen, and the equivalent of high altitude. It’s pretty easy for your body to breathe with just high oxygen, and this lets your heart an lungs take it easy. LiveO2 changes this, switching you to a high mountain elevations of 10,000 feet. These switches make your heart and lungs work harder, so the oxygen does a lot more.

For athletes, LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast is a training accelerator that flushes waste out of your muscles. LiveO2 athletes clear soreness and overtraining in about 15 minutes. They’re able to recover from hard training and competition much faster, typically about 1/3 normal.

For regular folks, LiveO2 AC amplifies the benefits exercise to get a higher heart rate which drives more oxygen deeper into your body, so you’ll get more benefit with less work—literally.

You will feel physical changes in about 3 minutes and get real results in 15 minutes. We know you will want to try it for yourself, so contact us to arrange a demo. Feeling is believing. If you already have an EWOT, upgrade it to LiveO2 now.