Did you know that breath­ing hard makes most EWOT sys­tems work LESS?

LiveO2 Super EWOT deliv­ers at least 3x more oxy­gen than other EWOT systems—literally all the oxy­gen your body can breathe.

EWOT Basics

Oxygen Quiz

  • How does EWOT really work?
  • How does it work for inflammation?
  • How does it improve alkalinity?
  • Why is more oxy­gen so much bet­ter than EWOT?

The answers will change your life.

The Oxygen Inflammation Connection

Would you like to dis­cover what causes the hid­den inflam­ma­tion that dam­ages your health?

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Oxygen and Immunity

Did you know that body-water oxy­gen is the hid­den key to good immunity?

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The Oxygen-Alkali Connection

Did you know that Alkali actu­ally mea­sures how effi­ciently your body makes energy from glu­cose and oxygen?

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Lessons Learned

  1. Oxygen is the mas­ter anti-inflammatory
  2. Oxygen in your body’s water deter­mines your immune energy
  3. Cell oxy­gen use con­trols alkalinity

LiveO2 is Super-EWOT

EWOT sys­tems take 36 hours to do the same thing that LiveO2 does in 15 min­utes. It’s all about how much oxy­gen you install in your body’s water.

LiveO2 and LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast deliver over­whelm­ingly more oxy­gen than either EWOT or HBOT. LiveO2 and LiveO2 work faster and bet­ter than EWOT and HBOT because they achieve higher oxy­gen con­cen­tra­tions. More oxy­gen lets your body heal more and recover faster.

The EWOT Super Mask turns an EWOT into LiveO2 — the Ultimate EWOT Machine.

More Resources

There are four oxy­gen tech­nolo­gies that deliver dif­fer­ent lev­els of oxy­gen to your body.

Here’s how they compare:

LPM Speed Price
EWOT 5–10 36Hr $1000
LiveO2 50+ 15 Min Click
LiveO2 AC 50++ <15 Min Click
HBOT ~20 20-60Hr $10,000
  • LPM stands for Liters Per Minute — it tells how much oxy­gen these sys­tems deliver to your body.
  • Speed indi­cates how long it takes for the oxy­gen ther­apy to make a real dif­fer­ence in how your body works. Note how LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC cre­ate results in min­utes while other tech­nolo­gies take hours.
  • Price is the typ­i­cal pur­chase cost of high qual­ity sys­tems from rep­utable suppliers.

There is a big range of cost ver­sus per­for­mance.  If you’re con­fused, we’ll answer your ques­tions in per­son at 970–372-4344.

Dara Torres and ExtremeO2

Dara Torres explains her expe­ri­ence at the Nationals after using ExtremeO2 between races to clear lac­tic acid.

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Guitar Performance
Guitar Performance

Listen to how much Fred Boekhorst improved in 15 minutes.

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VO2 Max Week 11 Report

Tom Butler’s 11 week VO2 max train­ing results.

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Glen Templeton solo
Glen Templeton solo

Listen to improve­ment in voice qual­ity and control.

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Laurent Robinson / Late Season Fresh

NFL wide receiver tells how Exreme O2 cleared sea­son fatigue to play strong while the rest of his team was injured and exhausted.

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Are you look­ing for even more?

If you’re ath­letic at all, LiveO2 AC more than dou­bles the per­for­mance of LiveO2.

LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast is our pre­mium oxy­gen sys­tem. It switches between high oxy­gen, and the equiv­a­lent of high alti­tude. It’s pretty easy for your body to breathe with just high oxy­gen, and this lets your heart an lungs take it easy. LiveO2 changes this, switch­ing you to a high moun­tain ele­va­tions of 10,000 feet. These switches make your heart and lungs work harder, so the oxy­gen does a lot more.

For ath­letes, LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast is a train­ing accel­er­a­tor that flushes waste out of your mus­cles. LiveO2 ath­letes clear sore­ness and over­train­ing in about 15 min­utes. They’re able to recover from hard train­ing and com­pe­ti­tion much faster, typ­i­cally about 1/3 normal.

For reg­u­lar folks, LiveO2 AC ampli­fies the ben­e­fits exer­cise to get a higher heart rate which dri­ves more oxy­gen deeper into your body, so you’ll get more ben­e­fit with less work—literally.

You will feel phys­i­cal changes in about 3 min­utes and get real results in 15 min­utes. We know you will want to try it for your­self, so con­tact us to arrange a demo. Feeling is believ­ing. If you already have an EWOT, upgrade it to LiveO2 now.

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