Cells Need Breath

When cells can’t breathe—nothing else matters.

In emergency care, the first priority is to assure respiration because if a person can’t breathe—nothing else matters.

Suffocating Cells

The concept is starkly simple. Cells with compromised respiration don’t do well. They’re going to get sick, wear out, suffer, and die.

The Oxygen Journey

Oxygen travels from the lungs to the tissue in blood, via a complex series of steps. There are many ways this process can fail.

The optimistic assumption that this journey is always perfect explains why so many health conditions remain unsolvable lifetime mysteries.

Anything that intereferes with cellular oxygen delivery – suffocates the cells into one or more failure modes that present as a many different symptoms and diseases.

Cell Failure Modes

There are three closely-related cellular failure modes that occur when oxygen fails to reach cells for any reason.

Vascular Brownout—occurs when a hypoxic stress event causes inflammation in the vascular endothelium. This shrinks the inside size of the pipes that carry blood into a bottleneck. Each bottleneck, inhibits blood flow to choke off oxygen to downstream tissue. This choke has three adverse effects:

  • Tissue Brownout—tissue is locked into low energy from hypoxia;
  • Concentrates Toxins —because blood flow that would normally wash it out is limited;
  • Reduced Immunity—so the area is less protected from infection than normal tissue;
  • Accelerated Aging—Stressed cells don’t live as long so the body is forced to replace them.

Local pH Imbalance—the tissue brownout triggers a triple pH dysfunction. First, anaerobic cells produce lactic acid; second anaerobic cells cease production of carbon dioxide, third the bottleneck that inhibits blood flow causes waste products to linger, creating an area prone to “acid” soreness as waste product irritate tissue. These areas are unable to perform because their energy is reduced to 1/19 normal.

Immune Brownout—the brownout region of weakened cells becomes preferred habitat for parasitic organisms. First reduced cellular energy decreases cellular ability to resist attack and inhibited blood flow makes it harder for immune system to protect the tissue; and increased toxins create a nutrient-rich feedstock for parasitic organisms.

This video shows White Blood Cell activity level immediately after LiveO2. The WBC count in this sample was about 5x more than in the before sample. This supports Ardenne’s tests that showed white blood cell counts increased 17% after multistep immune protocol.

These effects explain many health problems. When these regions pile up a the whole body starts to fail.

System Failure Modes

Whole body energy failure presents as an often degenerative symptom patterns, which usually reflect progressive loss of vitality, that occurs as a direct result of progressive tissue brownout.

  • Fatigue – occurs when a whole body energy production decreases oxygen utilization
  • Acid Metabolism – occurs when the body lacks the energy to defend itself
  • Degeneration – As cells in brownout regions, successive generations lose vitality, and the region becomes less able to perform, from hypoxic brownout, and from less vitality from often replaced cells.

The health vulnerability reflected by the product of all of these effects are described in a three letter word: age.

Whole Body Oxygen

Cellular respiration is simple truth—cells that cannot breathe—cannot, and will not ever, work properly. Any care that skips the first and obvious first step, is misguided, and probably dangerous.

LiveO2 is the rebirth of the concept cellular respiration.

LiveO2, Whole Body Flush™, restores cellular oxygen quickly, safely, and affordably…


The moment you adopt cellular oxygen as a care priority, is the moment you enable better health for all you care for.

Once you realize:

  • that stress triggers vascular inflammation;
  • that vascular inflammation creates tissue brownouts;
  • and that regenerative oxygen levels reverse this inflammation;
  • you will have gained the most enabling health knowledge of your career.

It’s exactly the same thinking:

  • If a body can’t breathe—nothing else matters;
  • When a cell can’t breathe—nothing else matters.

When you stop assuming that all of your patients cells have enough oxygen, just because of breath, you are empowered.

Your journey to much more effective patient care just started—you only need one extra tool—which you already know to be safe, practical, and soundly supported by every shred of science you’ve ever studied.

Regenerative Oxygen

There are two state-shifting levels of oxygen in the body:

  • Destructive deficiency—enough below normal to cause cellular suffocation;
  • Regenerative threshold—enough above normal to enable healing.

All of these levels occur during the natural cycle of life:

  • Destructive Levels occur when we have a stress event that decreases the oxygen available below a critical level that disrupts the sodium potassium pump, causing sodium to accumulate inside cells. When this occurs in the vascular system, vascular cells bloat, and effective vascular diameter decreases enough to bottleneck blood flow to downstream tissues resulting in brownout.
  • Regenerative Levels occur when oxygen reaches a high enough level, 12 cc/L (Ardenne), to reverse the inflammation that occurs from destructive oxygen levels. In youth, these levels occur naturally when we recover from vigourous strenuous exertion. As we age, our bodies lose vitality to naturally reach regenerative oxygen levels.

Oxygen Multistep Therapy, by Manfred von Ardenne states…

… “O2 deficiency” is the effect of critically reduced O2 transport to the tissues, critically reduced O2 utilization of the tissue, and critically increased O2 requirements of the tissue.

Regenerative levels automatically occur when we recover young and vital play, and when we recover from a strenuous physical escape from a stress event. Both situations involve hard breathing at the end of a sprint, with very elevated heart beat, and heavy breathing.

No matter who you are, or what level of physical conditioning, naturally regenerative conditions become less accessible with age.

LiveO2 helps people with age compromised vitality routinely reach the regenerative oxygen levels by leveraging the body’s natural respiratory systems.

LiveO2 is so effective that most users experience clinically measurable reduction in Cell Failure Modes within 15 minutes of their first use.

These results are easily and quickly verified using pharmaceutical neurological panels after a single LiveO2 session, enhanced by Altitude Contrast.

Neurological Panels:
Before and After


(click the images above for a larger view)

  • Note significant improvement in most categories
  • All low average scores—gone!

Rosetta Stone

When it comes to quality of life, little is more importatant than brain function, indicated by neurological test panels.

We suggest the brain function is a benchmark of whole body performance. These tests are reproducible with no special equipment, other than a computer, and can be applied to any literate person.

Whole body oxygen results apply to all body systems. Results are measurable with any physiological test that directly, or indirectly measures cellular energy production.

Most disease disease symptoms occur because a one or more categories of cells have ceased to perform at stable homeostatic levels. This failure creates discomfort, degeneration, and compensatory responses, that often manifest as and often erroneous cellular reproduction resulting from local environmental stress.

Cells that reproduce in a hypoxic and nutrient-poor environment lack the vitality of normal cells. As a result they are more prone to reproductive dysfunction, and are more vulnerable to pathogen invasion.

But this is just a sample. Just about every health problem is enabled because some aspect of cellular metabolism has failed, usually because energy production has failed, because oxygen delivery has failed.

Good Care Recipe

LiveO2 is a cellular oxygen delivery system that leverages natural systems to move oxygen to cells and repair stress damage from life.

It uses the most accepted elements of health exertion, and oxygen to reach regenerative levels of oxygen. Nothing could be simpler or safer.

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