Magnet Meat Test

This steak was purchased at Publix in St. Petersburg, Florida. Every store we have checked in Colorado has samples of magnetic pork, chicken and beef.

This ribeye steak contains contaminants that increase absorption of electromagnetic radiation leading to radiation injury.

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Magnetic Test Necklace

A magnet on a necklace like I used. The necklace enables you to take it to the store to test meat before buying.

The magnet necklace uses an N-48 strength 1/8 inch thick 1/2 inch neodymium magnet.

The necklace is handy because you can wear it to the store to test meat before you buy it. The magnet sticks more to connective tissue than muscle.

Magnet survey 3 weeks later...

I delayed publication until we had obtained evidence that magnetism in humans was actionable.

Positive Results after 1-month on protocol:

  • Predatory parasite artifacts were no longer observable after about 7 days;
  • Larval-hydra parasites emerged after about 10 days & disappeared after 24 hours;
  • Magnetism (where the allen wrench stuck) has cleared;
  • Paramagnetic regions are at least 50% weaker, and the total area that will hold a magnet hs has reduced 60% in size;
  • No graphene-oxide-like artifacts were visible in blood after 1 week;
  • I have experienced no symptoms or illness before, during or after the protocol.

Natural vs Unnatural Magnetism

Mammal tissue is naturally diamagnetic. A magnet will be lightly repelled by uncontaminated tissue because it is mostly water. Observation of paramagnetic and magnetic in human tissue cause for concern. I am an electrical engineer.

Magnetic toxins in tissue cause excess absorption of radio emissions. These videos show especially in the sample with the long graphene-like ribbon artifact. These samples evidence unknown risks.

5 Week Magnet Test Results:

  • Left and right temple - Resolved
  • Left and right upper jaw, - Resolved 
  • Left and right inside elbow; - Resolved
  • Head area of left collar bone - Weakly Sticks
  • Center of solar plexus(50 uT) - Resolved
  • Back of my neck near C6-7 - Still Sticks

Even unvaccinated people are magnetic these days. 

When my vaccinated neighbor had a magnet stick to her forehead and arm...

I was stunned.

When I used the magnet on myself - stun turned to shock.

What follows is my ongoing quest to understand what/why/how and more importantly how to fix it.

A body with paramagnetic contamination absorbs elevated electromagnetic radiation.

This video shows the magnet sticking on 9 spots on my body. This was my first formal survey - I rushed the recording because the magnetic effects were decreasing:

  • Left (38 uT) and right (50 uT) temple; (2)
  • Left (30 uT) and right (52 uT) upper jaw, (2)
  • Left (44 uT) and right (44 uT) inside elbow ; (2)
  • Head area of left collar bone (50 uT); (1)
  • Center of solar plexus(50 uT) ; (1)
  • Back of my neck near C6-7 (64 uT). (1) 

These areas are paramagnetic not magnetic. The magnetometer readings like (50 uT) measures magnetic force which is low. Link to iPhone EMF detector app.

A paramagnetic material is not a magnet. The meat test magnet above reads approximate 8000uT, while the earth's magnetic field reads about 50 uT.

This is legitimate magnetic attraction to a paramagnetic material. It is not adhesion from skin oil. The experiment shows the paramagnetic contamination in my body is sufficient to hold an 8000 uT magnet a in a vertical position without falling off.

When I started a 4 mm allen wrench would stick to my chest - meaning I was both magnetic and paramagnetic.

Under The Microscope

The artifacts below were observed in paramagnetically affected people.

The dark particulate and long ribbon artifacts associate with blob artifacts. Ribbon and black-spot artifacts have been observable in blood samples since 2021, but not before.

Microscope is an Olympus BX-60with Phase Contrast lenses. The artifacts present with concerning abilities:

  1. Lance and consume red blood cells and expand;
  2. Manufacture Black (graphene-like) artifacts;
  3. Manufacture ultra-long ribbon structure likely graphene oxide nano-ribbons or nano-tubes being manufactured by a hydra-artifact. 

The video shows lance events that appear to pierce red blood cells. The artifact observably expands over time-lapse video. 23 Year Old Unvaccinated Female.

Time lapse video shows the dark particle is being manufactured inside the blob artifact. My blood prior to starting protocol, unvaccinated & off-grid. 

Extremely long ribbon artifact rooted in a blob artifact illustrates apparent construction of ribbon-artifacts by blobs. This video supports the assertion that the ribbon artifact absorbs EMF energy because nearby red blood cells near the ribbon artifact are in complete rouleau formation, stacked like dimes.

Dr. Anna Mihalcha's Work

Dr. Ana Mihalcha, Dr. Carrie Madej, Clifford Carnicom and others have documented novel parasites similar observations in blood and injectable medications. Here are a few of their publications that cite similar findings: