Hey Captain: “Let’s hold off on those meds”

Brian, a retired Navy Captain, shares medically specific success experiences for his dad, his wife and himself. 

Brian explains how LiveO2 training reduced his family need for medical care & meds. He details how each family member is stronger and healthier than before with only 15 minutes per day.

Dad @ 81

  1. Increased pull-ups from 10 to 13
  2. Hands, knees & back work better again.
  3. Calf injury heals fast enough to skip PT.
  4. Taste & smell improved after loss due to injury 40 yrs ago


  1. Optimal lipids, "Hold the Lipitor"
  2. Optimal Glucose
  3. Liver & renal function perfect
  4. Advanced to Performance Training

Ms Frazier

  1. Normal liver enzymes
  2. 30 Year Old & kidney function

Now his doctor friends come to see him.