Dr. Rowen – LiveO2 Oxygenation

Video 1: Oxygenation as Combustion vs. Rust

Do you know that oxidation is the fire that drives your cells and protects your body?

  1. Oxidation of is the source of metabolic energy;
  2. White blood cells use free radicals to fight invaders;
  3. Did you know that Nitrous Oxide is a free radical?
  4. Free radicals are essential for health – that’s why ozone works.

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Whole Body Flush Protocol

Video 2: Remember what you learned in medical school?

Ever wonder why cell respiration is so important that it’s taught to every doctor before anything else – but almost never considered while treating patients?

  1. How can any treatment of a poorly oxygenated patient ever be really successful?
  2. Don’t assume the oxygen transport pathway to cell works – if it did, your patient probably wouldn’t be sick
  3. The Arteriovenous differential is a prime longevity and health indicator because it tells how well the body uses oxygen
  4. Oxygenation is always helpful recovering from any disease

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BrainO2 Protocol

Video 3: Oxygenation in the context of patient care

  1. Why patient oxygenation is critical
  2. Differences of LiveO2 and EWOT
  3. Differences of LiveO2 and HBOT and [what hbot costs]
  4. Beneficial stress with Adaptive Contrast™
  5. Active vs. passive oxygenation
  6. Re-oxygenation is prerequisite for any successful therapy

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Immune Enhancement Protocol

What is LiveO2 Anyway?

  1. The Power of Oxygen Contrast
  2. Like hyperbaric, but much faster and cheaper so patients can do it at home
  3. Health improvements usually noticeable within 1 week
  4. Men gain about 50 watts aerobic output, a 20 year rollback in performance age

First Time Protocol

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