Ben is a believer in using oxygen to improve his health. The LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast® system helps him move closer to his goal of having a biological age of 25 by the time he is 40. This system can:

  • Help with injury recovery
  • Become part of your pre-event prep regimen
  • Allow your body to benefit from increased oxygen utilization
  • Increase mitochondrial density (how is he?)

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What One 15-minute LiveO2 AC™ Session Can Do For Your Health

  • Rapidly enhance workout recovery
  • Boost the body with oxygen preworkout
  • Train for altitude and increase oxygen utilization
  • Enhance mitochondrial density and health
  • Get fast cardiovascular training results in far less time

LiveO2 is gangbusters for increasing mitocondrial density. Ben Greenfield

How does the LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ System work?

Our systems are used by all sorts of individuals from biohackers (like Ben), Olympians, professional and college athletes, doctors treating medical conditions and the “everyday Jane or Joe” looking to maintain a better quality of life

The LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ system is a new, optimized approach to working out. This system allows you to switch between breathing oxygen enriched air and hypoxic air which simulates 10,000’ of elevation!

In one 15-minute workout, you can pump anywhere between 200-400% more dissolved oxygen into your blood plasma - and the net effect of this workout lasts for several days.