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Immune Enhancement

18448717_sImmune Enhancement Oxygen Therapy

Application of heat lifts immunological performance.

Oxygen Multistep Therapy documented an increase in oral body temperator to 40 degrees C, increases leukocyte count by 17% +- 7%. See page 224 of Oxygen Multistep Therapy, Sauna Procedure

Note that a temperature of 104F, or 40C, is very high and may be above the tolerance for many indivduals. Modest increases in body temperature are very helpful, and repeated application often result in increases in tolerance.

Availability of at-home hyperthermia devices, IR Saunas, and whole body heating pads, enables daily therapeutic use, and lowers stress of hyperthermic immune enhancement. Daily use enables incremental and repeated therapy for cumulative benefit.

Immune Enhancement Protocol

This protocol is extracted from Oxygen Multistep Therapy, except this protocol uses heat to tolerance instead of targeting a fixed core temperature of 104 degrees. This high temperature is very high, and should be a therapy goal over time.

Live O2 Hyperthermia Training

Application of heat lifts metabolism. Saunas or hotrooms are well known. A recent method of using a Biomat or whole body heating pad produce similar results by increasing metabolic stress in the presence of oxygen.

Oxygen Multistep Therapy when performed as below increases leukocyte count by 10-24%. This is highly significant in virtually all metabolic syndromes.

Suggested Workout Procedure

Thermal procedure, 20 minutes after Starting Supplement

Hyperthermia Protocol

This protocol is extracted from Oxygen Multistep Therapy. The core temperature should reach 104 degrees F or 40 degrees C.

Doing an exercise procedure to warm up accelerates results.  The author’s personal preference is to use the VO2 Max Training.

Go into the sauna to personal tolerance.  The goal is to increase body temperature to at least 102 degrees.  It often takes several sessions to develop tolerance for this body temperature.

Starting Supplement:

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