Breathe deep. Play well.

Did you know that LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast, which switches from low-oxygen to high-oxygen, works better than just high oxygen?

This experiment musically illustrates how much LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast can improve brain function in a single 15-minute session.

The video shows a professional guitarist attempting to play a particularly difficult new song to show changes in articulation, dexterity, and fluidity both before and after using the LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast system.

Our experiment was a success, confirming the findings of Manfred von Ardenne, who documented a 20% improvement in mental capacity using Oxygen Multistep Therapy. Our continued research shows that LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast delivers significant performance improvments by improving mental clarity and neurological function.

The video was recorded in July, 2012. We now use neurological panels to document improvements in brain performance.

These results are not specific to musicians. We have documented similar performance results with activities requiring dexterity, timing and judgement, and cognitive challenge.

Fred Boekhorst

Special thanks to the artist, Fred Boekhorst, a professional guitarist touring with the Glen Templeton Band.

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