Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen

Did you know that oxygen is the natural anti-inflammatory?

Before this can make sense, we need talk about plumbing:

  1. How oxygen shortage triggers inflammation in your plumbing
  2. How that inflammation creates cell energy “brownouts”
  3. Why the “brownouts” are a problem
  4. How do fix the plumbing and the “brownout” by squirting oxygen down down your pipes.

Vascular Cell View

Imagine yourself as a cell in your vascular system. You're part of a pipe that carries blood.

But, all the oxygen on the red blood cells zooms by, destined for far-away cells. It's moving fast for you to use.

So you're like a fish: you breathe the oxygen dissolved in the water, called plasma.


Now let's imagine some stress that crashed the oxygen supply in your plasma.

When the oxygen runs out, you become anaerobic—and when the glucose runs out, your metabolism crashes and you blow up like a water balloon.

Now you're a bloated cell in a pipe, just like your neighbors, and you and your now fat neighbors make a bottleneck that restricts blood flow.

Next, every cell you supply browns out because you reduced the oxygen supply.

The brownout will last until you recover. You're vascular inflammation.

Cellular Brown-Outs

The brownout is a group of cells with reduced energy because of reduced oxygen.

Cells in the brownout area are still alive—they look normal on medical tests—except they're in survival mode running at 1/19th power, making a lot of acid smog, in an area shadowed from the immune system.

Brown Out Environment

Brownouts are bad because:

  • they accelerate aging as energy stressed cells will wear out faster
  • they create a safe haven for disease—with low energy, acid-stressed cells, shadowed from the immune system;
  • they acid-shift your whole-body pH as lactic-acids replace of CO2 needed normal acid/alkali balance
  • and they cause fatigue because these cells are stuck in “low power mode” at 1/19th energy

Fixing Brownouts

What do you need to recover? Simple oxygen.

But you’re blocking your own oxygen supply because you’re bloated.

That’s why:

  • vascular inflammation is chronic,
  • and health issues triggered by stress last a long time
  • and only recover after some kind of super-oxygen event—if ever.

Concentration and force

So visualize unclogging a bottleneck made of ballooned cells. How would you do it?

Simple: squirt super-oxygenated plasma through the bottle-necked pipe.

Threshold Level

Let's go back to thinking like a plumber:

  • There has to be enough oxygen in blood plasma to fix you;
  • and there needs to be enough “squirt power” for the oxygen to reach you.

Without enough oxygen and squirt power—at the same time—it just won't work.

How would you do it?

Back in the real world, this is a simple recipe:

  • Step 1: Breath hard with as much oxygen as possible to super-saturate blood plasma
  • Step 2: Exercise to your best heart rate to squirt plasma to your bottlenecks.

Sounds like turbo-charged exercise to me!

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