Join LiveO2™ at Bulletproof 2017

Let’s meet at Bulletproof!

Bulletproof 2017 conference LiveO2

There are few better places to learn the ins and outs of optimizing your health than at the annual Bulletproof conference – which is why we can’t wait to talk to attendees who stop by to see us!

We’re so excited to be hand selected for this event and share with you how we can help you be the best version of yourself!

You can find LiveO2 at booth #508 AND at Section 7 in the Labs area.

The conference is full of “biohackers” or people who are interested in do-it-yourself biology.

As always, Bulletproof has gone above and beyond to bring you world-class experts (including Lewis Howes, Esther Perel, and Dr. Joseph Mercola, to name-drop just a few) sharing the latest research and techniques to help you boost your performance in practically every area of your life — including…

  • Sleep
  • Metabolism
  • Relationships
  • Stem cell treatments
  • Effective detox

And that’s only the beginning – because as always, it’s about more than speakers: at Bulletproof conference, you get to play! Some of the innovations you’ll encounter are next-level biohacks – things that might seem like science fiction until you try them.

Try LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ at Bulletproof 2017

Bulletproof Labls LiveO2 Santa Monica

[LiveO2 in action at Bulletproof Labs, Santa Monica, CA]

Our Bulletproof 2017 demo sessions will run October 13-15th, every 20 minutes from 9:40 a.m. to 5:40 p.m.

During your 20-minute demo, you’ll get a full taste of Adaptive Contrast™ and what a LiveO2 workout feels like with a switch from oxygenated air to oxygen-depleted air.

LiveO2 in Bulletproof Labs

We’re also excited to announce that LiveO2 is officially a part of Bulletproof Labs!

Bulletproof Labs is a branch of the Bulletproof brand that takes a scientific approach to training your mind and body to promote a truly advanced way of living.

Bulletproof Labs uses the most cutting-edge, science-backed technologies available to help you achieve the highest state of physical AND cognitive performance.

And LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ is their tool-of-choice for Oxygen Training!

bulletproof labs LiveO2 LA Times
[image source: LA Times]

At this year’s Bulletproof conference, there’s an entire section dedicated specifically for Labs and you can find us there in Section 7.

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