Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen

Did you know that oxy­gen is the nat­ur­al anti-inflam­ma­to­ry?

Before this can make sense, we need talk about plumb­ing:

  1. How oxy­gen short­age trig­gers inflam­ma­tion in your plumb­ing
  2. How that inflam­ma­tion cre­ates cell ener­gy “brownouts”
  3. Why the “brownouts” are a prob­lem
  4. How do fix the plumb­ing and the “brownout” by squirt­ing oxy­gen down down your pipes.

Vascular Cell View

Imag­ine your­self as a cell in your vas­cu­lar sys­tem. You’re part of a pipe that car­ries blood.

But, all the oxy­gen on the red blood cells zooms by, des­tined for far-away cells. It’s mov­ing fast for you to use.

So you’re like a fish: you breathe the oxy­gen dis­solved in the water, called plas­ma.


Now let’s imag­ine some stress that crashed the oxy­gen sup­ply in your plas­ma.

When the oxy­gen runs out, you become anaerobic—and when the glu­cose runs out, your metab­o­lism crash­es and you blow up like a water bal­loon.

Now you’re a bloat­ed cell in a pipe, just like your neigh­bors, and you and your now fat neigh­bors make a bot­tle­neck that restricts blood flow.

Next, every cell you sup­ply browns out because you reduced the oxy­gen sup­ply.

The brownout will last until you recov­er. You’re vas­cu­lar inflam­ma­tion.

Cellular Brown-Outs

The brownout is a group of cells with reduced ener­gy because of reduced oxy­gen.

Cells in the brownout area are still alive—they look nor­mal on med­ical tests—except they’re in sur­vival mode run­ning at 1/19th pow­er, mak­ing a lot of acid smog, in an area shad­owed from the immune sys­tem.

Brown Out Environment

Brownouts are bad because:

  • they accel­er­ate aging as ener­gy stressed cells will wear out faster
  • they cre­ate a safe haven for disease—with low ener­gy, acid-stressed cells, shad­owed from the immune sys­tem;
  • they acid-shift your whole-body pH as lac­tic-acids replace of CO2 need­ed nor­mal acid/alkali bal­ance
  • and they cause fatigue because these cells are stuck in “low pow­er mode” at 1/19th ener­gy

Fixing Brownouts

What do you need to recov­er? Sim­ple oxy­gen.

But you’re block­ing your own oxy­gen sup­ply because you’re bloat­ed.

That’s why:

  • vas­cu­lar inflam­ma­tion is chron­ic,
  • and health issues trig­gered by stress last a long time
  • and only recov­er after some kind of super-oxy­gen event—if ever.

Concentration and force

So visu­al­ize unclog­ging a bot­tle­neck made of bal­looned cells. How would you do it?

Sim­ple: squirt super-oxy­genat­ed plas­ma through the bot­tle-necked pipe.

Threshold Level

Let’s go back to think­ing like a plumber:

  • There has to be enough oxy­gen in blood plas­ma to fix you;
  • and there needs to be enough “squirt pow­er” for the oxy­gen to reach you.

With­out enough oxy­gen and squirt power—at the same time—it just won’t work.

How would you do it?

Back in the real world, this is a sim­ple recipe:

  • Step 1: Breath hard with as much oxy­gen as pos­si­ble to super-sat­u­rate blood plas­ma
  • Step 2: Exer­cise to your best heart rate to squirt plas­ma to your bot­tle­necks.

Sounds like tur­bo-charged exer­cise to me!

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