Whole Life Challenge Podcast Episode 117 Featuring our Own Tom Butler!

**Skip ahead to the 13-minute mark to get straight to the begin­ning of Tom’s inter­view!**

Recent­ly, our very own VP, Tom But­ler, appeared on the Whole Life Chal­lenge pod­cast to dis­cuss Adap­tive Con­trast™ train­ing.

A mutu­al con­nec­tion of Whole Life Chal­lenge and LiveO2 is Eric Remensperg­er who used his LiveO2 sys­tem as a part of his treat­ment for Stage 4 can­cer. (Check out that episode here >)

In this episode Tom gets deep­er into the sci­ence behind Adap­tive Con­trast™ and all things oxy­gen. You’ll learn:

  • How to know if your blood oxy­gen lev­el nor­mal?
  • How can sup­ple­men­tal oxy­gen and exer­cise with oxy­gen ther­a­py (EWOT) pre­vent and treat chron­ic dis­ease?
  • Why “By the time you’re 60 years old, you’ve prob­a­bly been oxy­gen defi­cient for a decade.”
  • The rest/recovery bal­ance – how too much rest actu­al­ly harms you, and why it’s so impor­tant to focus on recov­ery.
  • What dif­fer­ent parts of your body get dibs on the oxy­gen you have avail­able, and which ones are low­er on the list (these may be chron­i­cal­ly oxy­gen defi­cient to a dan­ger­ous degree)
  • Blood sta­sis and stag­na­tion is a nat­ur­al process of “turn­ing off” resources to lit­tle-used parts of the body. find out why that mat­ters and how to com­bat it.
  • What is vas­cu­lar inflam­ma­tion and why do we need to reduce it?


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Skip ahead to the 13-minute mark to get straight to the begin­ning of Tom’s inter­view!


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