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Tom Butler LiveO2

Tom Butler

VP Business Development

Tom Butler, MSOM, VP and partner for LiveO2, is passionate about functional science and medicine. His career path began as a bio-chemist in pharmaceutical development. Achieving Senior Scientist at the young age of 25 while coordinating contract Research & Development. During his time in drug development he worked with over 250 investigational new drug applications with large pharma and growing biotech start-ups. Areas of collaborative research where Tom has participated include: The Human Proteome Project, Nanoparticle Delivery, Immunotherapy Development, and Cell Lab Studies. Tom continued his quest for learning and earned an advanced degree in Chinese Medicine. As an environmental scientist, herbalist, and practitioner striving to deconstruct research, Tom connects with individuals on the leading edge of both the science and art of healing. It is with a thirst for knowledge and a strong passion for inspiring others that Tom focuses on shifting patterns and viewpoints to restore and create abundant health.