Q&A with Tom – Episode 1

Our first episode of Q&A is here! We polled our Facebook page and private Facebook group, LiveO2 for the People, to see what questions you have for Tom, our VP. In this episode, Tom addresses all of the questions submitted – we look forward to doing more!

  1. How do you think this product would work for a mouth breather? (Listen at 02:33 – 10:20)
  2. What frequency and program(s) do you recommend to maximize sports performance? (Listen at 10:20 – 19:54)
  3. How can LiveO2 combined with an inversion table increase brain function and reduce inflammation in joints? (Listen at 19:55 – 25:29)
  4. How does the LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast O2 concentrator remove toxic geo-engineered nano particles “smart dust” from the air? Additionally, can we learn more about the process of how LiveO2 AC system metabolizes plaque throughout the body? Does it metabolize plaque in certain organs first or everywhere all at once? (Listen at 25:30 – 31:57)
  5. What does the “refresh” program look like for athletes that are competing and beat up? (Listen at 31:58 – 37:00)
  6. Any thoughts on keeping hoses and masks clean? (Listen at 37:28 – 46:23)
    In short, we recommend hand wash, Ozone & UV

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